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Jun 2015
Jun 03 2015 06:12
@frxnz consider powering the nano and the neopixels separately. IE go RPI + Nano on one supply, NPs on another. The reason for this is that you're going to get a voltage sag when the NPs start drawing current. Specifically when you do a big srtrip update and drag a lot of current, you'll see a V dip everywhere else on the nano.... this might be part of what you're seeing because if there's a dip it might not make the logic levels on the I2C bus. I'd try that and see what happens.
Derek Wheelden
Jun 03 2015 13:28
@bryan-m-hughes Finally got around to getting pm2 set up, this is awesome! Thanks for the suggestion
Bryan Hughes
Jun 03 2015 17:16
@frxnz \o/