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Nov 2015
Brian Cooke
Nov 28 2015 07:58
@tralves a new version of pigpio has been published. It requires V41 of the pigpio C library and require('pigpio') needs to be replaced by require('pigpio').Gpio.
Bryan Hughes
Nov 28 2015 18:01
@tralves this sounds awesome! (Sorry, holiday stuff has kept me mostly offline)
regarding those other methods, I think your instinct for them being init-only sounds right
I’d have them set up as options passed to the raspi-soft-pwm constructor
re: raspi-io integration, let’s chat more next week (I still have very limited bandwidth at the moment)
I will say this: we want to use raspi-pwm when ever possible, because it will always be more accurate
Also, I think that raspi-soft-pwm should be hidden behind a flag to the raspi-io constructor, so that people have to explicitly enable it in order to use it
Mostly it’s a matter of documentation and setting expectations correctly (not for any technical reasons)