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Dec 2015
Bryan Hughes
Dec 09 2015 04:43
v5.1.0 is out with RPi Zero support!
Luis Montes
Dec 09 2015 21:45
Just tested a super fast way to get started running johnny-five + raspi-io + IoT:
  • Use latest raspian jessie build 2015-11-21
  • sudo apt-get update
  • sudo apt-get install npm
  • sudo npm i - g npm
  • edit the nodered init script to run as root instead of pi (unless someone can fix permissions for this)
  • cd /root/.node-red
  • npm i node-red-contrib-gpio
  • npm i raspi-io
  • reboot
  • sudo service nodered start
then connect all the things
that would probably better as a blog, but i'm just excited raspbian comes with node now and I got it all to work :)
Bryan Hughes
Dec 09 2015 22:19