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Jan 2016
Bryan Hughes
Jan 25 2016 17:51
oh woa, Apple changed what they store in leases in El Capitan! grr
it’s only showing MAC addresses, not IP addresses
username is pi, password is raspberry
the IP of the thunderbolt connector isn’t what you actually connect to
it’s always that, but what we want is the address of the pi. Without getting it from /var/db/dhcpclient/leases, I don’t know how to get it without plugging it in to a keyboard and monitor
oooohhhh, hold that thought
leases is now a directory, whereas previously it was a file
(it’s not readable by my user, so investigating from the command line is a slow process)
ok, so inside of leases/ is a file for each device. The name of the file is the MAC address of the device that has a lease
if you cat the contents of that file, it then shows a bunch of XML information about the device, including it’s IP address
(technically I think it’s a plist)
Bryan Hughes
Jan 25 2016 17:56
@KatieK2 ^^