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Mar 2016
Bryan Hughes
Mar 08 2016 05:08
Raspi-io 5.4.1 is out with your fix @ajfisher
Mar 08 2016 05:29
Woop - excellent
Mar 08 2016 09:50
Okay - so @monteslu I now have my rpi3 able to connect to my mac as a network client and use my mac's internet sharing.
So basically I can have wifi turned off (massive power saver) and have it connect to my mac over BT and I can shell onto it etc and use it just like normal
eg install npm packages etc
Mar 08 2016 10:22
it's a bit slow as you'd expect but totally works. About to build an express / socket io demo
Mar 08 2016 10:40
And that is all working as you'd totally expect. Now to just figure out how to effectively make a BT "device" that will do all the hard work without having to connect to it first for configuration
Luis Montes
Mar 08 2016 18:12
@ajfisher way cool.