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Jul 2016
Jul 07 2016 11:38
One day, I'll see one of these mystical Pi Zeroes.... one day....
Brian Wilkinson
Jul 07 2016 14:54
Thank you Bryan!
I am using 2.14.12
Bryan Hughes
Jul 07 2016 16:24
@uxl, I had some other stuff come up and wasn’t able to get around to publishing the new version of raspi-io, but I’ll try and do that during lunch today PDT
@ajfisher I still haven’t soldered the headers onto mine or powered it up :sweat_smile:
Brian Wilkinson
Jul 07 2016 18:12
@nebrius That is awesome. Here in Boston Microcenter has a handful of v1.3. The earlier versions are harder to come by. Truly appreciate all you've done on this project.
Bryan Hughes
Jul 07 2016 20:09
version 6.1.0 is live, with support for this revision
I also reworked how dependencies are specified, so updates should be easier in the future