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Jul 2016
Bryan Hughes
Jul 15 2016 00:07 UTC
@ajfisher just to make absolutely sure, can you try dropping the baudrate to 10000? It’s listed in /boot/config.txt
Jul 15 2016 00:10 UTC

Sure - I'll have a crack at that tonight - I'm pretty sure I set this but I'll definitely check.

As a partial solution, I ran it all at full tilt all last night and managed to keep it stable simply by catching the error in different places depending on where it bubbles up and looking for the EIO type if it was that I just ignore it and let the application continue as per my point above if one pixel doesn't get set in a strip of 200 with a framerate of 30fps it really doesn't matter.

Here's my WIP

I2C controllers for neopixels and an HC-SR04 array, then the arduino looking after servos and analog reads.