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Dec 2016
Bryan Hughes
Dec 30 2016 20:23
Whew, just published a pretty important update to Raspi IO in version 7.2.0. I split pretty much all of Raspi IO into a new module called Raspi IO Core.
This module is platform agnostic, but still translates between Raspi.js and the IO plugin format. Raspi IO itself now just supplies the Raspi.js implementation to Raspi IO Core and doesn’t do anything else.
The reason for this is to make it easy to supply alternate versions of Raspi.js to Raspi IO. The goal is to make it a lot easier to support OSes that differ enough from Raspbian that supporting them side by side with Raspbian inside of Raspi.js isn’t practical.
Oh, and I also converted all of Raspi.js to TypeScript ;-)
The goal there is to make it harder to accidentally break things…important since unit testing Raspi.js is really difficult, and so there are no unit tests