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Mar 2017
Arye Shalev
Mar 13 2017 20:09
Hi guys, i want to make a simple button push click
when the button is triggered i want to shutdown pi
i looked at examples in places and i see they use resistors and stuff, is it really neccessry with detetcting a button click (basicly a closed circuit of 2 wires)
Arye Shalev
Mar 13 2017 22:58
ok i found a solution but now i get the Symbol error, in the github issues it says you need node 0.12 and higher and i have 7.x :/
Arye Shalev
Mar 13 2017 23:11
tried other node versions and i still get that famous symbol error
everytime i changed node version with nvm i did - npm rebuild
still doesnt work :/