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Apr 2018
Brian Cooke
Apr 01 2018 10:13
GPIO4 (pin 7 on the GPIO header) is special in that it's possible to enable the 1-Wire interface on GPIO4. Is it possible that you enabled the 1-Wire interface unintentionally with the raspi-config tool? If /boot/config.txt contains the line dtoverlay=w1-gpio then the 1-Wire interface is enabled on GPIO4. If 1-Wire is enabled and an attempt is made to use GPIO4 onoff will display the error message "Error: EBUSY: resource busy or locked". The behaviour is likely to be a little different with raspi-io.
Apr 01 2018 10:31
Thank you Brian,
That's exactly the problem.
Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. I had the 1 wire interface in the configuration file enabled.
Bryan Hughes
Apr 01 2018 21:44
TIL there’s a new Raspberry Pi out, ordering now! Fortunately I tweaked Raspi IO a long time ago so that it should support new boards w/o having to update Raspi IO
I’m curious @enginebeat, did you see any errors when trying to run your previous code, or did it not work but with no errors?
Apr 01 2018 22:23
As far as I can see I get no errors on both ok models when I have the one wire enabled and try to use GPIO-04.
I tested it now with one wire disabled and all works fine.
Apr 01 2018 22:55
This may be of interest, when I start my app I get a message: " unknown board revision a020d3, assuming Raspberry Pi 3 pinout."