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Repo info
    Estellise Yukihime
    Is this a problem with the container size?
    Estellise Yukihime
    I scroll up, but couldn't find anything the could likely cause the build error

    with catthehacker/ubuntu:act-latest, I am getting
    OCI runtime exec failed: exec failed: container_linux.go:380: starting container process caused: exec: "node": executable file not found in $PATH: unknown

    Inside the container, I can see that node exists at /opt/hostedtoolcache/node/14.17.3/x64/bin/node, but PATH does not include said directory.

    I tried act -W .github/workflows/master.yml -P ubuntu-20.04=catthehacker/ubuntu:act-20.04-20210620 --pull, but get the same error.

    Any suggestions?
    Thank you

    25 replies
    are there any clever workarounds for nektos/act#329
    7 replies
    Caitlin D
    I'm trying to run with github-instance flag set (enterprise repo), but it's also using the enterprise repo url for non-enterprise actions. (e.g. failing to find github.com/actions/setup-python because it's looking in https://github.com/enterprise/actions/setup-python.) Ideas on how to get around this?
    5 replies

    v0.2.24 release:


    0ff204b Read localaction's from container (#719)
    531ea02 Fix ImageOS format (#761)
    4036b8a README: add MacPorts info (#762)
    149cc19 Fix defaults (composite) (#753)
    c865a56 Fix url typo in README.md (#746)
    73b22a0 Add docker context workaround to readme (#749)
    dcbd583 Add needs job output (#629)
    1cf422e fix: warn Apple M1 (arm64) users (#743)

    Keith Zantow
    Hi all, thank you for a great project! Sorry if this is documented somewhere, I haven't been able to find it: is there an nodejs/npm wrapper for act?
    5 replies
    Is it possible to run "act" on a dockerd with user namespaces enabled?
    I get an error "cannot share the host's network namespaces when user namespaces are enabled", but just wondered if there is a work around?
    5 replies
    Christopher "Chief" Najewicz
    Question - is this user= a problem?
    [Build Data API/build-data-api]   🐳  docker exec cmd=[node /var/run/act/actions/gradle-wrapper-validation-action@v1/dist/index.js] user=
    6 replies
    Carlos Alexandre
    Hey guys, anyone got super-linter to run on act??
    I'm getting the error 2021-08-13 16:29:28 [ERROR] Failed to get [GITHUB_ORG] and i'm currently using the slim image...
    7 replies
    Dave Tapley
    Is act supposed to clean up containers?
    I find myself having to docker stop $(docker ps --filter "name=act-*" -q) && docker system prune quite often 🤔
    1 reply
    Keith Zantow
    Hi, I'm having a hard time getting any docker images building using act, although this doesn't really even seem to be docker related. I've tried a number of things including specifying what I think is the "medium" image to use like act -P ubuntu-latest=ghcr.io/catthehacker/ubuntu:act-latest -j test (and ubuntu:js-latest) but I end up with problems executing the actions at all: Exec command '[node /actions/docker-build-push-action@v2/dist/index.js]' | OCI runtime exec failed: exec failed: container_linux.go:380: starting container process caused: exec: "node": executable file not found in $PATH: unknown. Am I doing something completely wrong?
    1 reply
    Keith Zantow
    Also: does act support service containers? It seems these are not running by default, at least.
    1 reply
    Andy Maloney
    Heya! New to "act". I can't find info on how to set the tag I want when I use "act release". Is this possible? (Background - I'm trying to write an action that will zip up the repo while skipping some files and I want to give the zip an intelligent name using the tag of the release.)
    1 reply
    Paulo Matos
    Hi - what happens to artifacts when running a workflow through act? Is there a way to save them somewhere on disk ?
    5 replies
    Whats the working dir after checkout ? Is it github_workspace?
    I'm using docker compose and mapping `{$GITHUB_WORKSPACE}:/myworkspace in volume but myworkspace does not contains contents of my repo
    1 reply
    This works in github sctions
    Ari Huttunen
    Hi! What does --github-instance actually do? Does it cause act to execute the actions in the enterprise server's runners, or something else?
    7 replies

    hi folks, I'm getting output like this:

    [Tests/lint-3]   🐳  docker exec cmd=[node /var/run/act/actions/actions-setup-python@v2/dist/index.js] user=
    [Tests/lint-3]   💬  ::debug::Semantic version spec of 3.x is 3.x
    [Tests/lint-3]   💬  ::debug::isExplicit: 
    [Tests/lint-3]   💬  ::debug::explicit? false
    [Tests/lint-3]   💬  ::debug::evaluating 0 versions
    [Tests/lint-3]   💬  ::debug::match not found
    | Version 3.x was not found in the local cache
    [Tests/lint-3]   ❗  ::error::API rate limit exceeded for **My IP address**. (But here's the good news: Authenticated requests get a higher rate limit. Check out the documentation for more details.)
    [Tests/lint-3]   ❌  Failure - actions/setup-python@v2

    I'm not really sure what's going on here; this looks like a GitHub API rate limit message. Is this something that act is doing -- if so, is there some way to authenticate to GitHub to get a higher rate limit?

    2 replies

    I am trying to run a workflow that uses git commands but it seems the image I am using does not come with git installed
    Is there a way to add git to the image used?

    For reference when I first ran it and it asked me what image to install I chose "large"

    15 replies
    Nathan Schwermann
    Hey guys, I am running on osx but it only seems to see workflows from one file in the workflows directory. Using this repo it only sees workflow from test.yaml not publish.yaml when runing act -list am I doing something wrong? How can I run the publish workflow?
    11 replies
    Ari Huttunen
    I succeeded in running act against our company's GitHub Enterprise server, but configuring this required one innovative step that I don't see documented. In short, this required downloading the docker image that we use for building with GHA. Then it requires the --github-instance flag. It also requires this in .actrc, which should be in instructions:
    -P self-hosted=some-host.saunalahti.fi/sre/actions-runner-dind:latest
    Andy Maloney
    How do I set which tag I want when I use "act release"?
    I'm getting an error while running Act inside a self-hosted runner.
    creating settings.xml with server-id: github; environment variables: username=$GITHUB_ACTOR, password=$GITHUB_TOKEN, and gpg-passphrase=null
    [Complete pipeline/Creating new docker image and uploading to ECR] ❗ ::error::EACCES: permission denied, mkdir '/github/home/.m2'
    [Complete pipeline/Creating new docker image and uploading to ECR] ❌ Failure - Setup JDK 11
    4 replies
    Hi, I'm using buildx and build-push action to build docker images. Every run act downloads the FROM images fresh and this takes ages. Any tricks to avoid this and speed-up local development?
    1 reply
    Hello everyone, I'm having some difficulties trying to get my cached actions to working using act. Can you guys give me some tips or point me in the direction of some documentation? Couldn't find anything on the repositories
    8 replies
    Enrique Llorente Pastora
    Hi am trying to run so github actions that run some golang tests and when it does go get it fails at TLS certificate check go: github.com/stretchr/testify@v1.7.0: Get "https://proxy.golang.org/github.com/stretchr/testify/@v/v1.7.0.mod": x509: certificate signed by unknown authority, can I share the golang cache with act ?
    Fedor Lapshin
    Hi everyone, I'm having problems with github/super-linter@v4 on my local act environment. I'm running the whole thing using my own custom image (act-latest + docker-compose).
    It seems super-linter cannot find /var/run/act/workflow/event.json file. I tried to test if something is wrong with the file, therefore added jq -r '.repository.owner.login' <"${GITHUB_EVENT_PATH}" (the line super-linter's script was failing on) to the same job as super-linter is running in - it worked fine.
    But when super-linter tries to access this file, I get this
    [ci.yml/tst]   | 2021-09-21 13:18:14 [INFO]   Successfully found:[GITHUB_EVENT_PATH], value:[/var/run/act/workflow/event.json]
    [ci.yml/tst]   | /action/lib/linter.sh: line 478: /var/run/act/workflow/event.json: No such file or directory
    [ci.yml/tst]   | 2021-09-21 13:18:14 [ERROR]   Failed to get [GITHUB_ORG]!
    Fedor Lapshin

    Also, according to a thread I found here (made by @dannystaple ), I could have set the GITHUB_ORG manually, but

          - uses: github/super-linter@v4
              RUN_LOCAL: true
              GITHUB_ORG: my-org

    gives no effect

    21 replies
    Sting Alleman
    Hi all, I'm writing a custom GH action and I want to test it locally. Is this possible?
    This message was deleted
    name: "test workflow aaah"
    on: ["workflow_dispatch", "push"]
        runs-on: macos-11
          - uses: pakket-project/test/setup-builder@main
    1 reply
    pakket-project/test/setup-builder is locally
    1 reply
    Samuel Wecker

    Does act support the full "needs context"?
    I'm logging it and getting:

    { "job-01": { "outputs": null }, "job-02": { "outputs": null } }

    and I was hoping to see the result field (see: https://docs.github.com/en/actions/learn-github-actions/contexts#needs-context)

    I don't know if this just isn't supported yet, or if I'm referencing the context incorrectly or something.

    3 replies
    Crazy question maybe, but has anyone thought about running act on fly.io ?
    Please don't
    Jasper Nygaard
    Hi all. I'm trouble shooting an issue where I use OctopusDeploy/install-octopus-cli-action in a workflow, but get the error 'Error: reference delta not found' when running with act. Anyone seen this error before?
    Shashwat Arghode

    Hi All,
    I am a new ACT user struggling to run the following CI job locally. Any help is appreciated.
    CI job: https://github.com/prestodb/presto/blob/master/.github/workflows/ci.yml
    Command: act -v

    DEBU[0000] Loading environment from /Users/sarghode/IdeaProjects/prestodb/.env 
    DEBU[0000] Loading secrets from /Users/sarghode/IdeaProjects/prestodb/.secrets 
    DEBU[0000] Loading workflows from '/Users/sarghode/IdeaProjects/prestodb/.github/workflows' 
    DEBU[0000] Loading workflows recursively                
    DEBU[0000] Found workflow 'ci.yml' in '/Users/sarghode/IdeaProjects/prestodb/.github/workflows/ci.yml' 
    DEBU[0000] Found workflow 'cleanup.yml' in '/Users/sarghode/IdeaProjects/prestodb/.github/workflows/cleanup.yml' 
    DEBU[0000] Reading workflow '/Users/sarghode/IdeaProjects/prestodb/.github/workflows/ci.yml' 
    DEBU[0000] Correcting if statements '/Users/sarghode/IdeaProjects/prestodb/.github/workflows/ci.yml' 
    DEBU[0000] Reading workflow '/Users/sarghode/IdeaProjects/prestodb/.github/workflows/cleanup.yml' 
    DEBU[0000] Correcting if statements '/Users/sarghode/IdeaProjects/prestodb/.github/workflows/cleanup.yml' 
    DEBU[0000] Planning event: push

    It crashes after this setup without any error log.


    3 replies
    Mathijs van Veluw
    Hello there, I have a question regarding docker images build during an act run. When using docker/setup-buildx-action and docker/build-push-action the build images do not seem to appear in my local image list when checking docker image list is there a way to have this working?
    1 reply
    Mathijs van Veluw
    Seems setup-buildx-action is doing something to mess with the local images
    if i use DOCKER_BUILDKIT=1 instead it works, so i will just do some if: env.ACT checking :)
    If someone has a better idea or solution, please share :).
    Isaac Guerreiro
    Hello, everyone. I'm trying to run locally my action, but didn't work. `jobs:
    runs-on: self-hosted
    contents: read
    packages: write
    image: mcr.microsoft.com/vscode/devcontainers/base:ubuntu
    options: --user 1001
    - uses: actions/checkout@v2
    - name: Run action
      uses: ./`
    2 replies
    Anyone know how I could run this locally.
    Colin Alworth
    i'm seeing a difference in behavior between ghcr.io/catthehacker/ubuntu:act-latest and ghcr.io/catthehacker/ubuntu:full-latest when running actions/checkout@v2 with a with:path: specified - act-latest behaves as expected and the layout makes sense, but full-latest gets permission errors when trying to set things up. Where would be the best place to file this?
    3 replies
    Mohsin Hijazee

    I have this args for an action and the "Expressions" don't seem to work

     name: Fetch environment variables from AWS Parameter Store
          uses: classtinginc/chamber-action@master
          id: chamber
            args: export --format dotenv --output-file parameters.env ${{ env.SERVICE_NAME }}

    So instead of the variable SERVICE_NAME being injected, the literal ${{ is being injected. Any ideas?

    1 reply