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  • Apr 05 09:10
    @catthehacker banned @1948_your_tlv_homo_1488:swirl.funny.cl

Hi there,

I'm trying to test a release pipeline. I assumed that $GITHUB_REF would be the name of a tag via repo/releases/new (in github) but I cannot mock this value, I tried using a json file and an env var but I cannot change the value and it keeps using the value of the current branch please assist

TL;DR how do i set GITHUB_REF:refs/heads/fix-versioning to be a tag value


I have a problem of act being unable to detect all my workflows.
I have 9 different workflow files, but act -l only lists 3. Why is this?

➜  app git:(act-for-github-actions) ✗ ls .github/workflows
branch.yml                     ci_android.yml                 e2e.yml                        absolute-ci.yml                rebranding_nightly.yml
chromatic.yml                  ci_ios.yml                     eslint_tsc_bot_development.yml mi-ui.yml
➜  app git:(act-for-github-actions) ✗ act -l
Stage  Job ID                Job name                     Workflow name                       Workflow file                   Events
0      chromatic-deployment  chromatic-deployment         Chromatic                           chromatic.yml                   workflow_dispatch,push,pull_request
0      branch_build          branch_build                 Eslint & TSC Bot - Development      eslint_tsc_bot_development.yml  push
0      run                   Compile Language and Commit  Compile Languages for Lokalise PRs  lokalise-ci.yml                 push,workflow_dispatch
➜  app git:(act-for-github-actions) ✗
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Hi, I'm using the head version for node16 support, but getting: panic: reflect: call of reflect.Value.Interface on zero Value when I run act?
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hey, trying to get act to work, but i keep running into this issue
[build/build-1]::error::Unable to get ACTIONS_RUNTIME_TOKEN env variable
[build/build-1]Failure - capture build artifacts
I tried passing the GITHUB_ACTIONS token, but it didnt change anything
im trying to set act up in a gitpod environment
working on getting the gitpod environment for https://github.com/hugeblank/allium
to work
its have an issue with this part of the github workflow yml
      - name: capture build artifacts
        if: ${{ runner.os == 'Linux' && matrix.java == '17' }} # Only upload artifacts built from latest java on one OS
        uses: actions/upload-artifact@v2
          name: Artifacts
          path: build/libs/
David Hoffman

Trying to use event path, but does not seem to work, am I missing something?

I have

        required: true
        type: choice
        description: Environment to deploy to
          - dev
          - qa
          - stage
          - prod


  "action": "workflow_dispatch",
  "inputs": {
    "environment": "dev"
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Alex Harvey
Hi all, I am using v0.2.24 to work around a bug on Mac OS X as suggested here. https://github.com/nektos/act/issues/935#issuecomment-999707633 When running act, I then get an error, Unexpected value 'uses' referring to a step. Is that because reusable workflows is not supported in 0.2.24?
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Tyler Thrailkill
first time using act. it's only finding one of my 5 workflow files though. Unsure what is going wrong here.
❯ act -l
Stage  Job ID       Job name      Workflow name  Workflow file    Events
0      tag-release  Tag release?  Deploy         create-tags.yml  push
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❯ ls ./.github/workflows/
Permissions Size User  Date Modified Git Name
.rw-r--r--  1.4k tyler 15 Feb 10:15   -- create-tags.yml
.rw-r--r--   16k tyler 28 Feb 13:05   -- deploy.yml
.rw-r--r--   879 tyler 21 Mar 13:34   -- destroy-ephemeral-stack-on-close.yml
.rw-r--r--  4.2k tyler 27 Mar 13:30   -- main.yml
.rw-r--r--   524 tyler 21 Mar 13:34   -- remove-labels.yml
does act only support one workflow file?
Hi guys!
I'm wondering is it possible to pass GPU into local runner? Ordinary docker supports this, but I do not managed to find any related options in act.
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David Cunliffe
Hey all! Glad to see there is a good product and great community behind testing Github Actions Locally! I have an issue which I did attempt to search on but couldn't find anything useful. When I attempt to run my workflow I'm calling a GCP Service Auth in my step which requires a json file to be passed to the action so it can authenticate the environment for workloads in GCP. When I attempt to run the plan without this step it works fine but if I include the step and either attempt to pass a secret via a secret file in a json string format it still fails. Hoping someone has some documentation or could point me in the right direction?
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Seunghyun Hwang
Hi, I would like to contribute to implementing a feature 'jobs.ID.container.volumes' to work. Where can I start? It would be appreciate if you could tell me where the code of reading the workflow yaml file and creating a container.
3 replies
Alex Harvey
Hi all, does anyone know if there is a work around for this? https://github.com/jitterbit/get-changed-files/issues/9#issuecomment-739466748
6 replies
Is it possible to use ssh key to checkout a repo using act? I tried passing ssh_key on checkoutv3 but act says "input required and not supplied: token"
1 reply
Alex Harvey
Hi all, me again! I got past my last issue. Now I am finding that the files in the working directory are not available to nested composite actions, whereas they are when they run in GitHub Actions. I created a Gist to illustrate https://gist.github.com/alexharv074/86a24dcf622c23edd45904849ae37ad8 Any idea what could cause the working directory files to not be available?
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Maurizio Turatti
Hi all, I've just installed act on my Mac but nothing happens when I run the command, it just exits immediately without any error or message. Nothing at all.
act -n -v -W .github/workflows/tags.yml
DEBU[0000] Loading environment from /Users/mturatti/src/softinstigate/restheart/.env
DEBU[0000] Loading secrets from /Users/mturatti/src/softinstigate/restheart/.secrets
DEBU[0000] Loading workflow '/Users/mturatti/src/softinstigate/restheart/.github/workflows/tags.yml'
DEBU[0000] Reading workflow '/Users/mturatti/src/softinstigate/restheart/.github/workflows/tags.yml'
DEBU[0000] Planning event: push
DEBU[0000] Loading slug from git directory '/Users/mturatti/src/softinstigate/restheart/.git'
DEBU[0000] Loading revision from git directory '/Users/mturatti/src/softinstigate/restheart/.git'
DEBU[0000] Found revision: 2d3987bcb1fb3a6f2434f500b693f67114ed8602
DEBU[0000] HEAD points to '2d3987bcb1fb3a6f2434f500b693f67114ed8602'
DEBU[0000] using github ref: refs/heads/6.2.x
DEBU[0000] Found revision: 2d3987bcb1fb3a6f2434f500b693f67114ed8602
DEBU[0000] Loading slug from git directory '/Users/mturatti/src/softinstigate/restheart/.git'
DEBU[0000] Loading revision from git directory '/Users/mturatti/src/softinstigate/restheart/.git'
DEBU[0000] Found revision: 2d3987bcb1fb3a6f2434f500b693f67114ed8602
DEBU[0000] HEAD points to '2d3987bcb1fb3a6f2434f500b693f67114ed8602'
DEBU[0000] using github ref: refs/heads/6.2.x
DEBU[0000] Found revision: 2d3987bcb1fb3a6f2434f500b693f67114ed8602
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Elias Hogstvedt

hello, I'm a bit new to actions and act in general, I'm trying to checkout my own repository using

name: test
on: [push]

    runs-on: ubuntu-latest

      - name: checkout the project
        uses: actions/checkout@v2

      - name: test
        run: find .

but in the test step, there are no files

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Hi, I've been having a bit of trouble with binding a path from a GHA when calling into a docker container, It seems like the bind is executed against the original machine's filesystem rather than the state inside the docker container
Is there any way to bind a path from the GHA rather than the host machine?
2 replies
I'm trying to run a pipeline that builds an application and then uploads it into s3, and to perform the s3 upload im using the docker image amazon/aws-cli
act exectues within a docker container right?
1 reply
James Mortensen
To the best of my knowledge, act runs inside docker containers, so if you're trying to use docker inside a container, you're more than likely connecting through the docker socket to the host.
basically suppose i have a repository with the file a.java, and the workflow creates bin/a.jar, the bin folder doesnt actually exist on the host, it exists only within the docker container running the workflow
18 replies
however if the workflow includes a command along the lines of docker -v $pwd/bin:/aws amazon/aws-cli s3 cp a.jar s3://somebucket that doesnt work
it somehow messes a bit with the entrypoint, but i think its fine
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Stephane Moser
Hey hey,
I have a situation where I have several workflows in my repository using the same event workflow_call: and I would like to have the capability to select the workflow I want to execute. Is ACT capable of that? from what I saw of the help menu it is only possible to select he job
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Gabriel Fernandes


How can I pass a ECDSA key to act so that I can use it?
It keeps returning invalid format even if I put a ECDSA in my secrets file in a single line

2 replies
Alex Harvey
@ChristopherHX I wonder if this is another bug, related to passing secrets down multiple nested levels somehow? https://gist.github.com/alexharv074/72f0b9ceb657430cfd3cd95fd63aa350
1 reply

Hi all 👋

My name is Jorge Martínez. I'm an Ansys employee working on a Python library generator named ansys-templates.

This tool generates Python projects which include a Python library, configuration for code style tools and a GitHub Actions YML file. For testing this last file, we are using act. This means, we are executing act in our main CI tomake sure that baked actions file works properly.

However, I see the following output from GH logs:

Error: Unable to process command '[GitHub CI/Code style          ]   ❓  ##[add-matcher]/run/act/actions/actions-setup-python@v2/.github/python.json' successfully.
Error: Could not find a part of the path '/run/act/actions/actions-setup-python@v2/.github/python.json'.
time="2022-04-11T09:29:14Z" level=warning msg="unable to get git repo: section \"remote \\\"origin\\\"\" does not exist"
[GitHub CI/Code style          ]   ✅  Success - Set up Python

Even though those errors are being raise, the "Success - Set up Pyhton" is shown and act works as expected. However, the errors are captured by GitHub which labels the job as failed one.

More information from the logs: https://github.com/pyansys/ansys-templates/actions/runs/2147571852

I am installing act using brew and imposing the following config:

echo "-P ubuntu-latest=ghcr.io/catthehacker/ubuntu:act-latest" >> ~/.actrc

I've tried with other images but the same error appears on the logs. May you please provide me with some insight about this error?

Thanks for developing and maintaining act! It is really useful and simple to use 🚀

1 reply
Thanks for your time replying to my question, @ChristopherHX This solved the problem! 🚀
Burak Can Kahraman
Hi there ! I was trying to make a job "not execute on my local" but also "execute always on github". I tried ${{ !env.ACT }} && always() however it seems to be not working. I guess it has something to do with how always() works.
1 reply
Let me know if anyone has come across with a similar situation.
Casey Lee
A good friend of mine leads a DevOps consulting company that is partnering with GitHub in building solutions for companies. Do you love working with GitHub Actions and would be interested in doing it full time? Check out this position: https://jobs.lever.co/liatrio/3ba9e8d4-28a3-430e-bda1-f1dd43dffe71

I am new to act, while running my workflow in local system at upload artifact step it is failing with below error.

Run Upload Artifact
git clone 'https://github.softwareag.com/actions/upload-artifact' # ref=v2
docker cp src=C:\Users***.cache\act/actions-upload-artifact@v2/ dst=/var/run/act/actions/actions-upload-artifact@v2/
docker exec cmd=[mkdir -p /var/run/act/actions/actions-upload-artifact@v2/] user= workdir=
docker exec cmd=[node /var/run/act/actions/actions-upload-artifact@v2/dist/index.js] user= workdir=
OCI runtime exec failed: exec failed: container_linux.go:380: starting container process caused: exec: "node": executable file not found in $PATH: unknown
[0m ❌ Failure - Upload Artifact
[0mexit with FAILURE: 126

Mohammad Farooqi
Hi All, I am trying to use actions/cache@v2 and i keep getting this error:
Error: The runs.using key in action.yml must be one of: [composite docker node12], got node16
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Vitor Mori
How do i remove debug messages ?
[Deploy Functions/Deploy] 💬 ::debug..
I am trying to test my workflow but the action i am using has the workspace path hard coded. What can I do?
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Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open '/github/workspace/style.css'
syscall: 'open',
code: 'ENOENT',
path: '/github/workspace/style.css'
Jonah Werre
How would I simulate: on.push.tags: - v*.*.*??
Roman Yavnikov
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Roman Yavnikov
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Roman Yavnikov
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