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  • Apr 05 09:10
    @catthehacker banned @1948_your_tlv_homo_1488:swirl.funny.cl
Koen Beckers
Hi. My act -l isn't working.. Actually none of the commands are.
It finds the workflows (as per verbose debug info) But then just goes to 'planning event' and then does nothing.
❯ act -l -v
WARN  ⚠ You are using Apple M1 chip and you have not specified container architecture, you might encounter issues while running act. If so, try running it with '--container-architecture linux/amd64'. ⚠
DEBU[0000] Loading environment from /Users/koenbeckers/repositories/cognito-automation/.env
DEBU[0000] Loading secrets from /Users/koenbeckers/repositories/cognito-automation/.secrets
DEBU[0000] Loading workflows from '/Users/koenbeckers/repositories/cognito-automation/.github/workflows'
DEBU[0000] Loading workflows recursively
DEBU[0000] Found workflow 'create-user-test.yml' in '/Users/koenbeckers/repositories/cognito-automation/.github/workflows/create-user-test.yml'
DEBU[0000] Found workflow 'recreate-user-test.yml' in '/Users/koenbeckers/repositories/cognito-automation/.github/workflows/recreate-user-test.yml'
DEBU[0000] Reading workflow '/Users/koenbeckers/repositories/cognito-automation/.github/workflows/create-user-test.yml'
DEBU[0000] Reading workflow '/Users/koenbeckers/repositories/cognito-automation/.github/workflows/recreate-user-test.yml'
DEBU[0000] Planning event: push
Stage  Job ID  Job name  Workflow name  Workflow file  Events
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Now that Apple M2 have been announced, perhaps message needs to be changed 😅
Donato Barone
Hi again :D Is it possible to create your own docker image starting from one of the supported ones and use that for the runner?
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Michele Peresano


I have used act for the first time today, so I might have missed something...
Basically, I run my CI but the executables I need are taken from my macOS host and not the ubuntu-latest Docker container.

If you can help me I created this discussion, before joining Gitter,

Marc Benslahdine
This message was deleted
Manoj Reddy
Hello Team, How can I authenticate with private github enterprise as of now I am using the command as follows
act pull_request --workflows .github/workflows/deploy-ara.yml --container-architecture linux/amd64 --github-instance github.XX.XX.XX and this fails with authentication required. Thanks
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Hello, any idea, why would act not evaluating env variables when used in checkout/with/path or name of the task simply? I am trying to build some Ansible collections and my example is like:
when I put env: collection_namespace: my_collection
then doing run: echo "${{ env.collection_namespace }}" works as expected

      - name: Check out - collection
        uses: actions/checkout@v2
          path: ansible_collections/${{ env.collection_namespace }}/${{ env.collection_name }}
          submodules: recursive

will not evaluate that variable and creates literal path with those $ and {{ }}

Marco Köpcke
Hi, forgive me if I'm just being dumb, but is there any special trick required to get setup-python to work? I couldn't really find anything except for closed issues.
I'm getting ❗ ::error::Version 3.8 with arch x64 not found%0AAvailable versions:%0A%0A with the medium image
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Hi, I am discovering act with enthousiasm! I am trying to run my first github action on act. On this line runs-on: ubuntu-latest , I get the error cannot unmarshal !!strubuntu-...into model.Job.
What can I do? I also have another unmarshal error. Many thanks!
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@catthehacker already running this does not work. Thanks
Hello, I try to use SonarCloud with ACT but I have an error when ACT start sonarcloud image launch scan :
      - name: SonarCloud Scan
        uses: sonarsource/sonarcloud-github-action@master
        id: sonar
          GITHUB_TOKEN: ${{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }}
          SONAR_TOKEN: ${{ secrets.SONAR_TOKEN }}
Have you idea why ?
Umh I have found "solution" :
DeVon Jackson
is there a way to temporarily ignore .secrets?
() ➜  project git:(develop) ✗ act pull_request -v
DEBU[0000] Loading environment from ~/Projects/trainingcamp-django/.env 
DEBU[0000] Loading secrets from ~/Projects/trainingcamp-django/.secrets 
FATA[0000] Error loading from ~/Projects/trainingcamp-django/.secrets: read ~/Projects/trainingcamp-django/.secrets: is a directory
i just passed an nonexistent file to --secrets-file to resolve
Diego de Pablos
Hi guys! I was wondering if you knew how to either:
  • Get the same image that GH uses in their server
  • Install clang when running ACT locally
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When I run "Act" , I get this issue " docker exec cmd=[bash --noprofile --norc -e -o pipefail /var/run/act/workflow/1] user= workdir=symfony
| OCI runtime exec failed: exec failed: unable to start container process: chdir to cwd ("/go/act/symfony") set in config.json failed: no such file or directory: unknown
Can you help me to fix that ?
Capture d’écran 2022-07-25 à 18.47.26.png
Anyone ?
Romain Primet
Hi all! I'm having trouble installing tools using github actions in act (e.g. after running provision-micromamba, the tool won't be found). Is there a way for act to drop me into a shell in the container on failure?
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Kevin Minkol
Daniel Abernathy

I have a pretty simple workflow I'm testing out. It seems to be mixing up the host and docker filesystems. The final step is very simple:

      - name: "Build"
        working-directory: "generated"
        run: "npm run build"

The generated folder was built in the previous steps, and the build command simply runs tsc. However I see these errors when I run act:

[CI/CD/Codegen] ⭐ Run Main Build
[CI/CD/Codegen]   🐳  docker exec cmd=[bash --noprofile --norc -e -o pipefail /var/run/act/workflow/4] user= workdir=generated
| > openapi-webapp-api-client@1.0 build
| > tsc
| error TS6059: File '/Users/dabernathy/code/openapi/generated/index.ts' is not under 'rootDir' '/github/workspace/generated'. 'rootDir' is expected to contain all source files.
|   The file is in the program because:
|     Matched by include pattern '**/*' in '/Users/dabernathy/code/openapi/generated/tsconfig.json'
| Found 1 error.
[CI/CD/Codegen]   ❌  Failure - Main Build
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Ricardo de Matos

Hi all!

Thanks @catthehacker for this tool! Makes debugging GH actions a lot easier!

I have a setup with local actions, besides my own workflows, and I'm having trouble using/debugging them... maybe one of you can help this newbie...

My repo has dirs:

  • .github/actions
  • .github/workflows

I'm running command act --quiet push --job new_release to test a workflow, that uses some of my local actions.

It seems that act runs the actions that are in the remote repo and not the local ones, which are the most updated.
This means that if I change my local action A , but do not push it to the remote repo, then act stills uses the old version of my local action A!
Am I correct?

Also related with local actions, it seems that inputs are not passed to the invoked local action.
Am I correct?

Thanks in advance to anyone taking the time to answer me.

Stuart Whelan
Has anyone had any success with using act with configure-aws-credentials and oidc?
George Mazzeo
Hello I'm having some trouble getting the github.head_ref I did what is said in the docs but when i try and echo it out I get empty string
echo '${{github.head_ref}}'
I'm printing the toJson(github) and get this with the head_ref not set
|   "event": {
|     "create": {
|       "base": {
|         "ref": "sample-base-ref"
|       },
|       "head": {
|         "ref": "sample-head-ref"
|       }
|     },
|     "repository": {
|       "default_branch": "master"
|     }
|   },
|   "event_path": "/var/run/act/workflow/event.json",
|   "workflow": "Helm",
|   "run_id": "1",
|   "run_number": "1",
|   "actor": "nektos/act",
|   "repository": "blacklocus/bl-helm-charts",
|   "event_name": "create",
|   "sha": "d3db2a14fa3c89aa68fbab5149c66f4483b12a52",
|   "ref": "refs/heads/git-action-cp-chart",
|   "ref_name": "git-action-cp-chart",
|   "ref_type": "branch",
|   "head_ref": "",
|   "base_ref": "",
|   "token": "***",
|   "workspace": "/Users/GXM16DQ/bl-helm-charts",
|   "action": "1",
|   "action_path": "",
|   "action_ref": "",
|   "action_repository": "",
|   "job": "",
|   "job_name": "",
|   "repository_owner": "blacklocus",
|   "retention_days": "0",
|   "runner_perflog": "/dev/null",
|   "runner_tracking_id": ""
| }
I'm trying to use Cache Composer PHP github actions with Act But I still get a weird issue :
[CI/cache-composer ] ⭐ Run Main Get Composer Cache Directory
[CI/cache-composer ] 🐳 docker exec cmd=[sh -e -c /var/run/act/workflow/composer-cache.sh] user= workdir=symfony
| OCI runtime exec failed: exec failed: unable to start container process: chdir to cwd ("/Users/kevinminkol/PhpstormProjects/cloud-integration-service/symfony") set in config.json failed: no such file or directory: unknown
[CI/cache-composer ] ❌ Failure - Main Get Composer Cache Directory
[CI/cache-composer ] exitcode '126': f
ANy idea ?
David Chua

Hi all, I'm not sure if I'm doing this wrongly, but is envvar set by a previous step supposed to be passed on to the next step? I've noticed that some of my steps which exports a envvar is not being able to be used in the subsequent steps.

But on github actions with a self-hosted runner, the envvar is being passed down.

Is this a limitation?

Jacob Hoehler
Is it possible to have act print less information/be less verbose? I find it tougher to debug at times.