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Jun 2015
Aurélien Mazurie, Ph.D.
Jun 25 2015 14:55
Hi guys. I just found out about Rail-RNA by browsing the breakout sessions list for the AWS symposium in Washington, DC. This look terrific, especially since my team was considering biting the bullet and building a similarly distributed RNA-seq pipeline. Am I correct in understanding that Rail-RNA is about ab initio RNA-seq (i.e., with a reference genome)?
Is there any plan to tackle the more compute-intensive case of de novo RNA-seq? That's were I believe map/reduce algorithms could really shine.
Jun 25 2015 16:03
it is indeed spliced alignment; no plans to do de novo yet. come to our breakout session, and we can chat in person!
Aurélien Mazurie, Ph.D.
Jun 25 2015 16:08
Sure, I'll be there