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Mar 2017
Samuel Nelson
Mar 08 2017 06:10
this is an interesting message
2017/03/07 23:09:55 Error opening plugin at /home/valczir/.config/vidar/plugins/ plugin.Open: plugin was built with a different version of package
I've been updating the package structure to hopefully make that happen only very infrequently
makes for a weird package structure, though
lots of very, very small packages
Samuel Nelson
Mar 08 2017 07:23
okay, plugins away: nelsam/vidar@5503e97
that commit has plugins being built as standalone .so files, and it works correctly
I also tried it on go 1.7 to make sure that the build tags that I'm using are correct, and I think it's working as expected
Mar 08 2017 20:59
great work. Except open issues and bugfixes still left the tasks related with plugins?
Samuel Nelson
Mar 08 2017 21:03
there's work to do, still - the Makefile isn't done, and syntax highlighting and code suggestions still need to be moved to plugins
those issues need to be solved before I'll be willing to merge the plugin code