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Sep 2017
Samuel Nelson
Sep 21 2017 01:08
I was trying to reproduce that
I'll work on the extensions issues
Samuel Nelson
Sep 21 2017 01:13
I figured out what's going on - clicking on the tab doesn't trigger things the same as switching tabs with the key binding
I'll figure out mouse clicks soon
Samuel Nelson
Sep 21 2017 03:05
the reason it used to work is I was relying on the OnFocusGained and OnFocusLost events
but that was causing all sorts of issues, e.g. the menu would disappear as soon as you clicked on one of the menu buttons
I figured out a way to make it work that doesn't rely on that, but it means that all the code that changes tabs or whatnot needs to figure out which file should be focused and then switch to that file with the FileOpener
I'll need to update mouse clicks on the tabs to do that, as well
shouldn't be too hard
Sep 21 2017 05:52
probably. There is yet one thing related with tabs. If you close all files and then open file - menu not show at all.
and as continuation this tab works(if it can be called as work) very slowly and crashes if press backspace. I guess the reason of it in memory leak.