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Nov 2017
Samuel Nelson
Nov 15 2017 18:45
oh, I haven't run those tests in ages
there were so few of them, and I was putting so much effort into just making gxui work well with vidar
I can take a look later, though
Nov 15 2017 20:35
fails only tests for textbox controller. Btw, I can't found opportunity for making textbox read only. Is it possibly with gxui?
Samuel Nelson
Nov 15 2017 22:25
you could do something like:
type ReadOnlyTextBox struct {

func (t *ReadOnlyTextBox) KeyPress(gxui.KeyboardEvent) bool {}
func (t *ReadOnlyTextBox) KeyStroke(gxui.KeyStrokeEvent) bool {}
that would override the methods that parse user input and apply them to the text box
then you just need to hide the caret (probably by using a transparent color for the cursor colors)
Nov 15 2017 22:46
thanks, will try it if don't find more simple solution. And if you don't mind one more question ;-) How expand textbox on all area of layout?