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May 2018
May 09 2018 17:11 UTC
well, will waiting merge #128 for testing.

begin of the month was really hard, but it seems I will have time for OS.
I try to adapt #125 according to your comments, but I do not know what exactly should to do. Just by analogy

  1. create package for moving of scroll
  2. create operation on_delete

but what I really don't understand how to connect it so, that processing would active only at removal (to be honest don't know how to bind such commands at all :D).

Samuel Nelson
May 09 2018 17:53 UTC
:thumbsup: I'll get you an example after work
I think we probably want to be checking scroll any time an edit happens, though - if any text is changed or the cursor moves and no cursor is visible, we probably want to scroll to the nearest (or next) cursor