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Jul 2015
Alexis Morelle
Jul 06 2015 15:50
Hey guys, struggling a bit with the plugin here
you mind giving me a hint?
First I find different instructions whether its in the jenkins-ci wiki or in the github repo
Looks more up to date in the github repo, do you want me to update the jenkins-ci wiki ?
Alexis Morelle
Jul 06 2015 15:55
Secondly we have issues with the merge before option. Almost every PR build fails with:
ERROR: Branch not suitable for integration as it does not merge cleanly: Could not merge AnyObjectId[52e37015cd40435a83ccf6a8f7cea262c26fb258]
Even though the merge shouldn't be an issue
Alexis Morelle
Jul 06 2015 16:07
let me know if I can provide more info but I've read at one point on the Atlassian Stash forum (was before your plugin) that there was asynchronous tasks computing the PR branch and it could take time before the PR refs are valid. I've tried to set up a delay before the build but it wasn't concluding.
Anyway, thanks in advance for the help :D