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Dec 2015
Adrian Pena
Dec 14 2015 20:44

Hi, I have a question, why does the plugin requires the basic auth credentials for my Stash user, if my job is a git SSH-authenticated job, or even if I set the user in Job > Configure > SCM > Git > Repositories > Credentials, could it be possible for this plugin to read the authentication from there?

My argument is: we have a bunch of jobs that we would like to inline through this plugin, but if by any chance we modify the credentials for the jenkins user on stash, which due to security reasons we do, we have to go and manually change all of the jobs with the new basic auth credentials.

Dec 14 2015 23:27
It needs to use the stash REST api to post comments & get PR status so you need to supply basic creds
It can't read the git credentials from there because those creds might not be the same ones that you want to post comments from, it also can't use SSH keys
Credentials plugin support is coming in the next release - should be out in a week or so
I know its been a bit of a pain re credentials, fix is coming in 1.5!