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Oct 2016
Robert Hencke
Oct 25 2016 00:11
@nemccarthy Do you prefer pull requests at jenkinsci/stash-pullrequest-builder-plugin or nemccarthy/stash-pullrequest-builder-plugin?
Oct 25 2016 00:12
Either is fine. They all make it to the same place. My repo tends to be more up to date
Robert Hencke
Oct 25 2016 00:27
@nemccarthy Thanks. I had just put one up on the jenkinsci side but then saw here the other seemed a little more active. We ended up needing Pipeline support so I worked it in. (basically, refactor from AbstractProject to Job was really all.). But I'm a Jenkins noob as far as the coding side goes, so feel free to send it back to the drawing board if needed. :)