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Repo info
    Robert Hencke
    @nemccarthy Do you prefer pull requests at jenkinsci/stash-pullrequest-builder-plugin or nemccarthy/stash-pullrequest-builder-plugin?
    Either is fine. They all make it to the same place. My repo tends to be more up to date
    Robert Hencke
    @nemccarthy Thanks. I had just put one up on the jenkinsci side but then saw here the other seemed a little more active. We ended up needing Pipeline support so I worked it in. (basically, refactor from AbstractProject to Job was really all.). But I'm a Jenkins noob as far as the coding side goes, so feel free to send it back to the drawing board if needed. :)
    Daymon Schroeder
    Howdy, I'm currently trying to get stash-pr-builder working, and I'm stuck on the authentication step of all things.
    Fetch PullRequests (RepoName).
    Dec 07, 2016 12:32:00 PM INFO org.apache.commons.httpclient.auth.AuthChallengeProcessor selectAuthScheme
    basic authentication scheme selected
    Dec 07, 2016 12:32:00 PM INFO org.apache.commons.httpclient.HttpMethodDirector processWWWAuthChallenge
    Failure authenticating with BASIC 'Atlassian Bitbucket'@git.**.net:443
    It's trying to login with a different username than the one provided configuring the build.
    Daymon Schroeder
    Robert Hencke
    @champloo11 I've had that happen when I copied the URL from Bitbucket Server's 'clone' option, which embeds the username
    You may want to check the front of the URL and make sure it doesn't say something like https://Atlassian%20Bitbucket@git.**.net
    yeshvant kumar Bhavnasi Venkat Satya
    Is there any way of restrciting the pull request build. For a pull request from specific branch ??
    Please help needed
    I am using the 1.4.2 version.
    Hi all,
    Does current plugin can work without Pull Request Notifier for Bitbucket Server?
    I can't configure it, can someone help me?
    Any one looking at pull requests ?
    Eric Francis
    Anyone have documentation for getting this to work with pipelines?
    Roman Burdakov
    I have question about configuration as well, if anyone is available to help
    Eric Francis
    I've configured this plugin with configuration that is known to work
    However, the new job is not working
    Is there anyway to see output from this?
    Eric Francis
    huh, well it started working after some time passed
    may be a delay when authing to bitbucket
    Arthur Kovalenko
    hey all, was not able to find any info, but is there a dsl support for the stash plugin?
    configure { project ->
    project / triggers / 'stashpullrequestbuilder.stashpullrequestbuilder.StashBuildTrigger' {
    spec ' '
    cron '
    stashHost 'URL'
    credentialsId <id to go here>
    projectCode git_project
    repositoryName repo_name
    ciBuildPhrases 'test this please'
    checkDestinationCommit false
    checkMergeable false
    checkNotConflicted false
    onlyBuildOnComment false
    @arthur-kovalenko , is the above you are looking for?
    @nemccarthy , @ericfrancis , Does this stash pull request builder supports jenkins pipeline?. Any help or documentation on this?.
    I have posted an similar question in
    Howdy folks. I'm having an issue with the "Merge PR if build is successful" option. In both my git logs, and jenkins log, I get an HTTP 400, even though the URL appears correct. I can't seem to dig in much further than that though. Has anyone else had this issue?
    David S Morse
    I am trying to figure out the health of this plugin. I see a lot of open PR in the main git repos but no activity in a year, while there has been many forks with more recent activity. Does the official repo need help merging and releasing?
    @nemccarthy please make a new release for this
    Hello, I am currently trying to use this plugin with a Stash Server behind a proxy.
    I get following error:
    stashpullrequestbuilder.stashpullrequestbuilder.StashBuildTrigger.run() failed for hudson.model.FreeStyleProject@15dfb48c[IoCore/iocore-1.0-PR]
    java.net.SocketTimeoutException: connect timed out
    at java.net.PlainSocketImpl.socketConnect(Native Method)
    at java.net.AbstractPlainSocketImpl.doConnect(AbstractPlainSocketImpl.java:350)
    at java.net.AbstractPlainSocketImpl.connectToAddress(AbstractPlainSocketImpl.java:206)
    at java.net.AbstractPlainSocketImpl.connect(AbstractPlainSocketImpl.java:188)
    at java.net.SocksSocketImpl.connect(SocksSocketImpl.java:392)
    at java.net.Socket.connect(Socket.java:589)
    at sun.security.ssl.SSLSocketImpl.connect(SSLSocketImpl.java:673)
    at sun.reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor307.invoke(Unknown Source)
    at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.java:43)
    at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Method.java:498)
    Do you have any idea from where it come from ?
    Hi! I'm trying to integrate this awesome plugin with a self-hosted Stash instance
    But there's no way the job is being triggered
    I've followed the README instructions step by step, everything case-sensitive and trying to get triggered without any success
    Captura de pantalla 2018-07-13 a las 18.55.18.png
    Captura de pantalla 2018-07-13 a las 18.56.35.png
    Captura de pantalla 2018-07-13 a las 18.58.25.png
    Executing the job manually (obviously) fails, because the environment variables are not being set when you trigger the build manually
    But It does not get triggered automatically in any way I've tried. I'll appreciate any help, probably I'm missing something... Does the Stash need to have something enabled in order to let the Jenkins instance listen the changes?
    Pavel Roskin
    Hi! Would it be possible to enable "Issues" on https://github.com/jenkinsci/stash-pullrequest-builder-plugin ? I opened an issue on nemccarthy/stash-pullrequest-builder-plugin#156 but that repository is going to be deleted.
    Pavel Roskin
    Never mind. The issues for stash-pullrequest-builder-plugin are handled in the Jenkins issue tracker https://issues.jenkins-ci.org/
    Chaitanya Kanth
    Hi, I wanted to integrate this plug in my Jenkins...
    Do we have any specific screen shots and document available...Please help me ...i am kind of struck here
    @minuscorp Hi, Can you provide me some document , i just followed README instructions but i am kind of struck here
    Chaitanya Kanth
    Is any one online
    Pavel Roskin
    README.md is the document. If it doesn't work, please open a ticket on the Jenkins bug tracking system. That's not a good place to triage bugs.
    Pavel Roskin
    We are experiencing that pull requester not able to trigger the jobs in jenkins when commented with the phrase specified at "Phrase to request a (re-)build" in PR. we have two phrases, build and build this please. None of the phrases are working.
    Can You please let me know what could be the blocker.