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Repo info
          .parseInputs(files, {
            parser: 'dox',
            layout: 'markdown',
    Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 12.18.21 AM.png
    I copied (and adjusted requires) in this file https://github.com/neogeek/doxdox/blob/master/bin/doxdox, using 2.0.2, yet if I use that bin not as a global package it errors with the invalid layout
    @neogeek fixed here if I absolutely resolve them myself neogeek/doxdox#40
    resolving node modules that way does not work if one package uses doxdox, then is required by another package
    Vish Desai
    ./node_modules/.bin/doxdox '*/.js' --ignore 'node_modules' --layout markdown --output DOC.md is not ignoring node_modules
    doxdox V2.0.3
    node 8.11.1
    Any idea how to get it to ignore the node_modules folder?
    How can I get @typedefs of nested Object get listed in the final documentation. If I include @param {User} user it shows it in the documentation, but {User} typedef itself is nowhere shown in detail. Is that possible? JSDoc includes it in the end of the documentation
    Will Hoskings
    Rip chat
    Gryffon Bellish
    I keep getting Invalid Regular Expression whenever trying to use doxdox, any reason why?