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Mar 2015
Mar 03 2015 13:46
I'm trying to use neoclient in a Symfony2 application but I have this issue when I try to build the Client : [Symfony\Component\DependencyInjection\Exception\InvalidArgumentException] The service definition "logger" does not exist.
I took a deep look at the code and I saw that :
-> the service container is created inside ClientBuider::__construct
-> the Neo4jExtension is using the "logger" definition on this container but no one seems to have created it before :(
any idea how to fix it ?
basically, I'm doing this :
$clientBuilder = ClientBuilder::create();
$clientBuilder->addConnection('master', 'http', $this->config["master"]["host"], $this->config["master"]["port"]);
foreach ($this->config["slaves"] as $slaveName => $slaveConfig) {
    $clientBuilder->addConnection($slaveName, 'http', $slaveConfig["host"], $slaveConfig["port"]);
 $this->client = $clientBuilder->build();