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Oct 2015
Oct 26 2015 17:03
Hello. On the github page (, it is shown the getRoot() can return two 'databases' on the same neo4j instance (localhost:7474), but in 'working with multiple connections' the addConnection() use different neo4j instances. Is it really possible have different databases ? Do I have to use addConnection() on localhost:7474 with different db names to make it work ? thanks.
Christophe Willemsen
Oct 26 2015 18:37
getRoot does not return two instances, the neo4j database entry endpoint returns 2 urls, one for the db, one for the management
you can use as many databases as you want, you'll need, for each db, to make a ->addConnection() during the build with a different alias for each db
Note that you'll need to configure your different neo4j databases with different http and https ports so they can run together on the same server if it is your case
generally we use this kind of configuration when working with a cluster without a proxy