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  • 18:05
    tkstanczak commented #5225
  • 14:33
    kamilchodola assigned #5229
  • 14:33
    kamilchodola opened #5229
  • 14:06
    rubo synchronize #5213
  • 14:06

    LukaszRozmej on replace_custom_FromHestString_to_builtin

    refactor (compare)

  • 14:06

    rubo on master

    Add withdrawals to `engine_getP… (compare)

  • 14:06

    rubo on getpayloadbodies-withdrawals


  • 14:06
    rubo closed #5210
  • 14:04
    LukaszRozmej synchronize #5213
  • 14:04

    LukaszRozmej on replace_custom_FromHestString_to_builtin

    Unify odd and even case, refact… (compare)

  • 13:25
    deffrian edited #5152
  • 13:17
    kamilchodola assigned #5228
  • 13:17
    kamilchodola opened #5228
  • 13:16
    deffrian synchronize #5152
  • 13:16

    deffrian on genesis-zero-difficulty

    Fix tests (compare)

  • 13:16

    damian-orzechowski on state_db_layout_by_path

    Refactoring, state reader and s… (compare)

  • 12:26
    LukaszRozmej commented #5213
  • 11:48
    MarekM25 synchronize #5210
  • 11:48

    MarekM25 on getpayloadbodies-withdrawals

    small improvements (compare)

  • 11:17
    dceleda assigned #4662
Gitter Bridge
[discord] <Bing² | serv.eth> Best to share your full logs and all the configurations you used to run Nethermind for the devs to check when they're available 🙂
Gitter Bridge
[discord] <husha> is it the logs.txt or mainnet.logs.txt
[discord] <Bing² | serv.eth> You can share the mainnet logs 🙂
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This message was deleted
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[discord] <husha> What log level lets me know of the status of the jsonrpc endpoint? I don't see it in the logs
[discord] <husha> Currently set to info
Gitter Bridge

[discord] <Bing² | serv.eth> You can try exploring these: https://docs.nethermind.io/nethermind/ethereum-client/logging-configuration#global-logging-override

Although logs and configuration you used would help.

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[discord] <Yorick | cryptomanufaktur.io> My Nimbus/Nethermind is unhappy post-merge
Gitter Bridge
[discord] <Yorick | cryptomanufaktur.io> I'll preserve the DB and see whether a fresh sync solves this
[discord] <mxs> Same here, nethermind/teku did not make it
[discord] <mxs> 2022-08-11 01:46:52 2022-08-11 01:46:52.2501|Syncing beacon headers... Request: ForkchoiceState: (HeadBlockHash: 0x472182fd8958ae7768715b84701fb261cbc98b8551a2113643c6a01bec353a3b, SafeBlockHash: 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000, FinalizedBlockHash: 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000) . 2022-08-11 01:46:52 2022-08-11 01:46:52.2501|Received: ForkchoiceState: (HeadBlockHash: 0x472182fd8958ae7768715b84701fb261cbc98b8551a2113643c6a01bec353a3b, SafeBlockHash: 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000, FinalizedBlockHash: 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000) 2022-08-11 01:46:51 2022-08-11 01:46:51.7329|Invalid. Result of a new payload: 7382824 (0x472182fd8958ae7768715b84701fb261cbc98b8551a2113643c6a01bec353a3b). Show context 2022-08-11 01:46:51 2022-08-11 01:46:51.7329|Block 7382824 (0x472182fd8958ae7768715b84701fb261cbc98b8551a2113643c6a01bec353a3b) cannot be processed and wont be accepted to the tree.
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[discord] <MarekM> Hi everyone, please check this message: https://discord.com/channels/629004402170134531/922531097332555796/1007129327088980029
Gitter Bridge
[discord] <Micah | serv.eth> I tried syncing my node with the following settings, and it is currently discovering blocks and not processing them.
      NETHERMIND_CONFIG: 'mainnet'
      NETHERMIND_JSONRPCCONFIG_ENABLEDMODULES: 'Eth,Subscribe,Trace,Proof,TxProof,Net,Web3,100'
      NETHERMIND_SYNCCONFIG_PIVOTHASH: '0x0b26884961d4722ecdc37c30266f98a7b728d6c5d81007d0f34a5227ef9a5645'
[discord] <Micah | serv.eth> Based on disk space used, it didn't actually sync anything.
[discord] <Micah | serv.eth> On restart I see this warning, though it seems to be non-critical:
2022-08-11 04-15-49.4231|Incorrect config settings found:
Gitter Bridge
[discord] <Micah | serv.eth> It then proceeds to just discover new blocks and do nothing else forever.
[discord] <Micah | serv.eth> cc @luk @MarekM
Gitter Bridge

[discord] <gattodaitalia> I got this message

 2022-08-11 09-25-03.9450|Incorrect config settings found:
node_1  | ConfigType:JsonConfigFile|Category:PrunningConfig|Name:Mode

my config for this is below:

  "Prunning": {
    "Mode": "None"

please help

[discord] <Falco> Try "Pruning" instead of "Prunning" 🙂
Gitter Bridge
[discord] <DanielC> But you should use NETHERMIND_NETWORKCONFIG_MAXACTIVEPEERS instead of ActivePeersMaxCount
Gitter Bridge
[discord] <gattodaitalia> many thanks 🙂
Gitter Bridge
[discord] <Micah | serv.eth> 2022-08-11 14:04:51.3883|State Sync 00.06:45:13 | ~0.89 % | 878.26MB / ~98820.00MB | branches: 31.25 % | kB/s: 94 | accounts 319791 | nodes 3084585 | diagnostics: 12.480.66ms
Should I interpret this to mean that syncing is going to take ~100 days? I am in "fast" sync...
[discord] <Micah | serv.eth> 6 hours in, 0.89% of state downloaded.
[discord] <Micah | serv.eth> 66 peers, host should be well connected.
Gitter Bridge
[discord] <DanielC> It seems you're using Fast Sync and no Snap Sync. Could you confirm?
Which version of Nethermind are you using?
[discord] <Micah | serv.eth> 1.13.5
[discord] <Micah | serv.eth> mainnet.cfg, which I think is fast sync?
[discord] <Micah | serv.eth> Sync.FastBlocks: true as well.
[discord] <Micah | serv.eth> Should I switch to snap sync? Is FastSync no longer reasonable?
[discord] <DanielC> Ok, so 1.13.5 has this well known issue with RocksDB - only Snap Sync works in that version although it take up to 7h to sync which is much slower than before.
Version 1.13.6 has a workaround that solves it but you would have to delete all databases update to 1.13.6 and sync from scratch - then you can use Fast Sync.
Still Fast Sync is waaay slower than Snap Sync. In 1.13.6 you should able to resync with Snap Sync in 3-4 h
[discord] <Micah | serv.eth> Sync.FastSync: false and Sync.SnapSync: true?
[discord] <DanielC> Set both to true.
[discord] <Micah | serv.eth> I can switch mid sync?
[discord] <Micah | serv.eth> I would rather not re-download all of the headers. 😬
[discord] <DanielC> Although SnapSync:true overrides FastSync to true under the hood 😉
Gitter Bridge
[discord] <DanielC> You can try. If don't delete databases then even if you upgrade to 1.13.6 the workaround will use existing RocksDB version (the one from 1.13.5) so it's going to be slower but still it's going to be max 8 h for the Snap Sync (instead of 3h). Not terrible.
[discord] <Micah | serv.eth> 8h is better than 100 days.
[discord] <DanielC> Yes 😄
[discord] <Micah | serv.eth> How can I tell if it is working other than waiting 8 hours and seeing if I still have 99.5 days left?
[discord] <Micah | serv.eth> The logs look the same after turning on snap sync and restarting.
[discord] <DanielC> When Snap Sync enabled you'll we see new types of log entries.
[discord] <DanielC> You should see SNAP entries at some point.
[discord] <Micah | serv.eth> I still just see
Syncing state nodes 
State Sync 00.06:59:26 | ~0.90 % | 892.62MB / ~98820.00MB | branches: 0.00 % | kB/s:     0 | accounts 323414 | nodes 3131015 | diagnostics: 0.658.40ms 
Changing state StateNodes to FastSync, StateNodes at processed:0|state:0|block:15321161|header:15321166|peer block:15321199 
Sync mode changed from StateNodes to FastSync, StateNodes 
Downloaded 15321167 / 15321199 | current     0.09bps | total     0.03bps 
State Sync 00.06:59:26 | ~0.90 % | 892.62MB / ~98820.00MB | branches: 0.00 % | kB/s:     0 | accounts 323414 | nodes 3131015 | diagnostics: 0.662.25ms 
Changing state FastSync, StateNodes to StateNodes at processed:0|state:0|block:15321161|header:15321167|peer block:15321199 
Sync mode changed from FastSync, StateNodes to StateNodes 
State Sync 00.06:59:26 | ~0.90 % | 892.65MB / ~98820.00MB | branches: 0.00 % | kB/s:    14 | accounts 323433 | nodes 3131083 | diagnostics: 0.665.61ms
[discord] <DanielC> It seems we have some kind of a feature implemented that checks if we some process already started and it continues with it :/
[discord] <DanielC> It wasn't a few months ago when we delivered SNAP sync but it seems it's changed.
[discord] <Micah | serv.eth> Why isn't snap sync default if fast sync is broken?