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Apr 2016
Apr 23 2016 11:19
i've got a free weekend ;)
and it starts now
so let's get crackin'
firstly, i need to figure out how to test 2 players
on flying-squid i used my other account...
but yeah that's not an option anymore ;)
how do you test @109C ?
Apr 23 2016 11:50
ok let's see what i need to get done this weekend hmm
work on netherrack ... maybe figure out mcpe chunks ?
Apr 23 2016 15:01
I have no idea how mcpe works.
For the testing, if you put the server in offline mode you can just launch two instances of mc.
ofc, you would probably want to change the names so it doesn't conflict.
Apr 23 2016 18:13
change the names is my problem