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    Srđan Prodanović
    Can't find any examples, but maybe you can set <your-pre-install-command> && npm install && npm run build as your build command.
    Curt J. Sampson
    BTW, the build container contents are on GitHub, so you can always look through that to see exactly what commads it's running to build your project.
    Srđan Prodanović
    What would be the leanest way to get HTTP header data (country info provided by Cloudflare) into client-side JavaScript? o_O
    Does Netlify Identity/gotrue support custom JWT claims?
    Good Morning! My question is Can I test the Large Media on the feature branch or once I run git lfs it affects the whole repository and my production deploys will be frozen until I merge feature branch to master?
    Hi everyone! I'd really need some help.. I have a Vue SPA which allows the user to upload an image and then manipulate it (it' a goofy Xmas card generator)... i'd now like to save the image (upload from the front-end to some service) and create a share URL. now when that share URL is queried /card/<hash>, i'd like to set that image as the og:image tag so when shared, it would have the correct preview image. Is this possible with Netlify's serverless functions? I know I could check the user-agent of the request to see if it's a bot, but that's where my wits end atm
    Hi, it's possible to activate cache controls on large media ? Actualy it's return "cache-control: public, max-age=0, must-revalidate"
    Roger J. Bos
    Someone told me their virus scan showed a virus on a website I host on Netlify. I thought static site couldn't get viruses? I cant see the virus. How can I find out for sure? Here is the site: www.lamboginny.org.
    Curt J. Sampson
    Viruses are files that, when run in some way by a computer, infect it. So a file that a PC could run that's a virus remains a virus even when it's not actually being run on a PC but just sitting on a website.
    Thomas Edwards
    @andreasvirkus You'd have to build that entirely in a JavaScript framework if you're using it with Netlify, as it doesn't support any server-side rendering.
    Faith Morante
    Hello. I'm setting up netlify cms with oauth provider for Gitlab. I'm trying to login with gitlab but it just comes back to login page. Any thoughts?
    I have enabled git gateway, and added oauth providers
    Tim Jörgen

    Hi, is it possible to use Netlify with a private Git repository that requires a credential helper and multi factor authentication?
    I got the following in my .gitconfig:

        helper = !aws --profile dev-account-poweruser codecommit credential-helper $@
        UseHttpPath = true

    Everytime I use git push origin master I need to enter my MFA token.

    Curt J. Sampson
    @tijoer You need to talk to the admins of your server about how to deal with this. Even if Netlify (or any other automated service) could use a token generator, it would have to be issued by your admins. But one doesn't normally issue token generators to remote servers but instead uses an application key; again, that's something only your admins can help you with setting up, even if they support it. All of this is realated to the security model and policies for that system and, again, that's specific to that system and its administrators.
    Ernesto Freyre G.
    Hi, is this a good place to ask questions about JAMStack?
    Ernesto Freyre G.
    I have a question? How do you handle Feature Flags? Solutions?
    Hi, I have one too :D Is there any way to execute binaries, or run a docker container on functions? The use case: I need the monero-wallet-cli (binary) to run on the serverless function and store the wallet files. Alternative: There is a docker image, which exposes a port, which than can be called through a npm package.
    Gabriel F Engel
    Hey guys, is there any limitation on _redirects using _ on arguments?
    the rule
    / param1=:one param_2=:two /redirected?p1=:one&p2=:two 302
    won't work
    Netlify deploy has error: WebpackError: ReferenceError: window is not defined
    Gabor Gyarmati

    Hi Guys, I am receiving 502 on netlify even though it returns the content string. Anybody experienced this before?
    It returns my content in the error header, and returns "Http failure response for https://demos-portal.netlify.com/.netlify/functions/get-demos: 502 OK" in the message

    Locally running with netlify-lambda serve everything is ok.

    I wish to merge two of my netlify accounts
    I accidentally created it
    Could some help me out
    Curt J. Sampson
    You need to contact Netlify support; nobody in this channel can help with that.
    Could anyone help me out with that since, I'm using the free service of netlify and unable to get the support email when I went through the site
    Virginia Balseiro
    Hi everyone. I set up my domain with Netlify (the domain admin is Squarespace). I did the one starting with "www" (CNAME) with no issues, but when adding the A record, I am given an IP by Netlify that I guess it's not working? It doesn't point to anything and even though I added the A record correctly (checked with Squarespace support) it is still saying "server IP address not found"
    I'm using the Netlify free tier, by the way
    I already waited several says to see if the changes were propagated, but no
    Virginia Balseiro
    Just to clarify, I'm hosting my site with Netlify, I just bought the domain with Squarespace
    (used to have a Squarespace site, then I cancelled it and kept the domain with them)
    Virginia Balseiro
    Ok, I managed to fix the above. But now the SSL certificate is not working for virginiabalseiro.com (it is working for www.virginiabalseiro.com)
    any ideas?
    the docs says to get in touch with Netlify support but I'm on the free tier so I cannot access that :(
    should I click on Renew certificate?
    got a weird one - my homepage loads on EVERY page before the actual content in production (don't have the issue in localhost). sometimes it's barely noticeable and sometime it feels like I've been taken to to the wrong place, any pointers?
    accounts that are already open source need to reapply at https://opensource-form.netlify.com/ correct?
    does anyone know, if i run out of build minutes, can i still set up external CI to deploy to netlify using the API?
    if I have a site on netlify with a custom domain mysite.com/ and I want to add landing pages from a separate repo can I just append them to mysite.com/landing1 from within netlify?
    I have submodules in gitlab repo
    and I am not able to build it on netlify
    could anyone help me
    any help appericiated
    Richard Flosi
    Can you post your logs?
    pretty straight foward question, im trying to config netlify-lambda serve with a json script, "lambda-config": "netlify-lambda serve --config ./webpack.functions.js" and its telling me im missing a dir, the webpack just says optimization: { minimize: false }, what have i done wrong?
    Richard Flosi
    Not sure about netlify-lambda, but you can also serve your functions with netlify dev I think you just need to tell it where to find your functions via a netlify.toml file.
    Bryan Lee
    Hello, what should i do if i am trying to set up the React review app (hosted on Netlify) to point to a dynamic URL for backend?

    My build step during review branches are:

    1. Create new server from the branch (https://my-review-branch-123.api.app.com)
    2. Host React app (https://apsdpfo12j3k5n3jd--myapp.netlify.com/) on netlify.

    The react app needs to call out to the new server URL

    Raine Virta
    Hello. Is there any particular reason why a Netlify site could not be used as origin for AWS cloudfront distribution?
    I'm thinking about just replacing S3 in our setup with Netlify, and not going all the way to Netlify CDN etc.
    George Kurobara Benjamin
    Hello. Please I am trying to deploy my vue app on netlify but it is failing with this error:
    1:30:49 PM: API communication error. Canceling build. 1:30:49 PM: Shutting down logging, 1 messages pending
    I believe I added the correct deployment settings. Please can anybody help?