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    Ben Halverson
    You could create your own server as a proxy that hits the http server.
    yep, that is the long term solution. I am in contact with the person that maintains that api, however, asking him would probably take time change that server to https. and time is not on my side right now.. (very crappy situation. demo in the next two days). I guess creating a server is an option
    Ben Halverson
    Here's a simple example in the app.get function you would add a module like request axios or node-fetch to make the request to the http api
    Hi there I'm a netifly newbie and I'm wondering if I can setup a social login in some way with netifly auth, something like firebase can I do it?
    I'm running a Netlify + Jekyll site ( and have Netlify CMS wired up, but keeping getting: You don't have sufficient permissions to access Netlify CMS" when trying to access /admin.
    Matt Wiseman
    so I linked my local netlify w/ github, and it gave me a pop up saying it emailed me a 4 digit code. I checked my email and it sent me a 8 digit code.
    Ranie Santos
    hello, where did the netlify cms gitter go? i googled it and clicked a link and got a 404
    Brian Curtich
    Hi, what's the best way to wait for a Deploy Preview to be updated? Before running my Cypress tests from CI. I tried with a tiny curl script until the URL is live, but that only works for the first time, not for subsequent commits. Any idea?
    I'm messing with Netlify Functions and ran into some trouble. I was getting this weird webpack error, which led me to this merged PR: netlify/netlify-lambda#84
    Which seemed to claim that you could not nest functions in folders. This was interesting because it seemed to contradict that picture
    Upon changing the function to no longer be nested, the webpack error went away, so that was indeed the problem. This is a tad confusing though. Can I not have nested functions by using functions/cool-thing/cool-thing.js?
    seems to work fine with netlify functions:build
    Naveen Kumar Sangi
    Hi, I added a new DNS A record for a subdomain
    how do I get SSL to work with the new subdomain?
    Naveen Kumar Sangi
    John Kaufmann
    I'm getting an error with my Gatsby Netlify CMS build where it's sayig Error: Input file contains unsupported image format and I think it's due to me using webp images. I'm not getting an error building locally. Anyone know what's up?
    Daniel Lublin
    If I'm not able to use ALIAS/ANAME with my own DNS setup (which I'm not moving away from), is it possible to pick another IP for the A record than "", for example from a datacenter which you deploy to in Europe?
    Curt J. Sampson
    Sure, you can pick any IP you want so long as you ensure that it's serving your site or a redirect to it.
    Sam Silver

    Hi there! Really excited to get a site spun up using Hylia (11ty + Netlify CMS), it seems you've made it pretty easy :) That said, still having a problem after following video walkthroughs ++ scrounging through github issues.

    When trying to login to Netlify CMS, getting /.netlify/git/settings:1 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 400 ()
    The 400 error is {"code":400,"msg":"Operator microservice headers missing"}

    Additionally getting a Git Gateway error, that may be related.

    I've tried disabling/enabling Git Gateway, Regenerating API token for my repo that I'm building from, Redeploying the site... I even tore everything down and started from scratch again from a tutorial video. No dice -- Any idea what might be up?

    Sam Silver
    Ah, got it! I looks like it works for, but not for, my primary domain. Where might I change this setting?
    Dhruvi Butti

    Hey! I am trying to deploy a lektor website on netlify but I am getting these errors -

    7:22:56 PM: Build ready to start
    7:22:58 PM: build-image version: 30f629161c0736b1a3ecd8b418e5eeffab5c0faf
    7:22:58 PM: build-image tag: v3.3.14
    7:22:58 PM: buildbot version: 578c7628507b646d2c2478c57933187c689f36ec
    7:22:58 PM: Fetching cached dependencies
    7:22:58 PM: Starting to download cache of 217.3MB
    7:22:59 PM: Finished downloading cache in 1.294658751s
    7:22:59 PM: Starting to extract cache
    7:23:02 PM: Finished extracting cache in 3.151685062s
    7:23:02 PM: Finished fetching cache in 4.515948437s
    7:23:02 PM: Starting to prepare the repo for build
    7:23:03 PM: Preparing Git Reference refs/heads/master
    7:23:06 PM: Starting build script
    7:23:06 PM: Installing dependencies
    7:23:06 PM: Python version set to 3.7
    7:23:08 PM: v10.20.1 is already installed.
    7:23:08 PM: Now using node v10.20.1 (npm v6.14.4)
    7:23:08 PM: Started restoring cached build plugins
    7:23:08 PM: Finished restoring cached build plugins
    7:23:09 PM: Attempting ruby version 2.6.2, read from environment
    7:23:10 PM: Using ruby version 2.6.2
    7:23:10 PM: Using PHP version 5.6
    7:23:10 PM: Installing pip dependencies
    7:23:10 PM: Started restoring cached pip cache
    7:23:10 PM: Finished restoring cached pip cache
    7:23:11 PM: Collecting appdirs==1.4.3
    7:23:11 PM:   Downloading appdirs-1.4.3-py2.py3-none-any.whl (12 kB)
    7:23:11 PM: ERROR: Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement apturl==0.5.2 (from -r requirements.txt (line 2)) (from versions: none)
    7:23:11 PM: ERROR: No matching distribution found for apturl==0.5.2 (from -r requirements.txt (line 2))
    7:23:11 PM: Error installing pip dependencies
    7:23:11 PM: Error running command: Build script returned non-zero exit code: 1
    7:23:11 PM: Failing build: Failed to build site
    7:23:11 PM: Failed during stage 'building site': Build script returned non-zero exit code: 1
    7:23:12 PM: Finished processing build request in 13.832371058s

    Can any one help?

    Taylor Stauss


    I'm trying to set up some basic product attributes/options via the config.yml file using Netlify CMS. I've included a snippet of my current set up. Currently, this set up lets a user create product attributes as well as options for each attribute respectively. It also allows a user to add attributes to a product. I'm trying to figure out how to allow a user to then add any or all of the options associated with the added attribute.

    Example: User creates a 'Size' product attribute and adds 'S', 'M', 'L', 'XL', and '2XL' as options. In the product, the user adds the 'Size' attribute. The user should now be able to select/add the options they want for that attribute.

    Is this possible?

    - label: Products
        label_singular: Product
        name: products
        folder: content/products
        create: true
          - {
              label: "Template Key",
              name: template-key,
              widget: hidden,
              default: "product-page",
          - { label: "Slug", name: slug, widget: "string" }
          - { label: "Title", name: title, widget: "string" }
          - { label: "SKU", name: sku, widget: "string" }
          - {
              label: "Attributes",
              name: attributes,
              widget: list,
                    label: "Attribute",
                    name: attribute,
                    widget: "relation",
                    collection: product-attributes,
                    searchFields: [title],
                    valueField: title,
                    displayFields: [title],
          - { label: "Price", name: price, widget: "number" }
          - { label: "Image", name: image, widget: "image" }
          - { label: "Description", name: description, widget: "markdown" }
      - label: "Product Attributes"
        label_singular: "Product Attribute"
        name: product-attributes
        folder: content/product-attributes
        create: true
          - { label: "Title", name: title, widget: "string" }
          - {
              label: Option,
              name: option,
              widget: list,
              fields: [{ label: "Title", name: title, widget: string }],
    I am trying to deploy a site on netlify from git, whenever I type in the name of the repo I get repo is not available
    Something happened to my Netlify account, I have a website which was deactivated, this is the message that appears on the website "This site is suspended" I cannot enter my Netlify administration panel either, it keeps loading forever .
    Curt J. Sampson
    You need to contact Netlify support via the method on their website.
    Mireille Raad
    hey! i want to check if it is possible to update algolia index using netlify / netlify functions. I am looking for a yes/no answer... before i go into the rabbit hole of figuring it out.
    i'd appreciate any pointers :)
    Dhruvi Butti

    Hey there! I am trying to deploy my lektor app on netlify but it is giving me such error -
    (jinja2.exceptions.UndefinedError: 'check_file' is undefined)

    CheckfilePlugin is a plugin in the project. Also I am unable to reproduce this error on my local it works fine on my local.
    Can anyone help me please?

    jojo hala

    Hi everyone,
    I'm trying to self-host gotrue and git-gateway as a learning project.
    Anyone has experience with the multi instance option? I see no documentation about it and I'm not even sure how it works.
    I've tried to run both gotrue multi and git-gateway multi and I don't get any errors but when I'm sending a login request I get:

    level=info msg="400: Operator microservice headers missing" component=api error="400: Operator microservice headers missing" method=POST path=/token referer="http://localhost:1313/a

    Is there some extra config that isn't in the READMEs?
    What does that multi mode even do and how?

    Thank you very much.



    in my workflow I tag git commits before updating master which is then automatically build with netlify. I'm using git describe to get the current version to show up in my app.

    However it looks like Netlify doesn't fetch tags when building. This means the output of git describe is something like 1.0.3-14-3hj34b2(14 commits after the last tag it found). It works if I clear the build cache and rebuild.

    Is there a way to get Netlify to also fetch new tags during build?


    Curt J. Sampson

    You could try just running a git fetch --tags yourself during the build. (I'm not clear on if the authentication to do so will be there, though.) My guess is that the reason the tags work after clearing the build cache is because it does a fresh git clone.

    But this problem does point out why it's probably better to embed the version "tag" string in a file that's committed: tags, branches, etc. are all information local to a particular repo, and may not be the same in other repos. The contents of a commit with a given ID, however, are guaranteed to be the same in all repos with that commit.

    serum is there a way to trigger identity invites from a function?
    serum I can't seem to find anything in the docs / API
    serum nvm. got it
    any help?
    5:17:35 PM: Different build dir detected, going to use the one specified in the Netlify configuration file: 'frontend' versus '' in the Netlify UI
    5:17:35 PM: Different publish path detected, going to use the one specified in the Netlify configuration file: 'frontend/build' versus 'build/' in the Netlify UI
    5:17:35 PM: Starting build script
    5:17:35 PM: Installing dependencies
    5:17:35 PM: Python version set to 2.7
    5:17:36 PM: Downloading and installing node v10.21.0...
    5:17:36 PM: Downloading
    5:17:37 PM: Computing checksum with sha256sum
    5:17:37 PM: Checksums matched!
    5:17:39 PM: Now using node v10.21.0 (npm v6.14.4)
    5:17:39 PM: Started restoring cached build plugins
    5:17:39 PM: Finished restoring cached build plugins
    5:17:39 PM: Attempting ruby version 2.6.2, read from environment
    5:17:40 PM: Using ruby version 2.6.2
    5:17:41 PM: Using PHP version 5.6
    5:17:41 PM: 5.2 is already installed.
    5:17:41 PM: Using Swift version 5.2
    5:17:41 PM: Started restoring cached node modules
    5:17:41 PM: Finished restoring cached node modules
    5:17:41 PM: Installing NPM modules using NPM version 6.14.4
    5:17:59 PM: npm WARN deprecated request@2.88.2: request has been deprecated, see request/request#3142
    5:18:00 PM: npm WARN deprecated mkdirp@0.5.1: Legacy versions of mkdirp are no longer supported. Please update to mkdirp 1.x. (Note that the API surface has changed to use Promises in 1.x.)
    5:18:23 PM: npm WARN deprecated core-js@2.6.11: core-js@<3 is no longer maintained and not recommended for usage due to the number of issues. Please, upgrade your dependencies to the actual version of core-js@3. 5:19:07 PM: npm WARN deprecated chokidar@2.1.8: Chokidar 2 will break on node v14+. Upgrade to chokidar 3 with 15x less dependencies. 5:19:09 PM: npm WARN deprecated popper.js@1.16.1: You can find the new Popper v2 at @popperjs/core, this package is dedicated to the legacy v1 5:19:13 PM: npm WARN deprecated core-js@1.2.7: core-js@<3 is no longer maintained and not recommended for usage due to the number of issues. Please, upgrade your dependencies to the actual version of core-js@3. 5:19:25 PM: npm WARN deprecated fsevents@1.2.13: fsevents 1 will break on node v14+ and could be using insecure binaries. Upgrade to fsevents 2. 5:19:47 PM: npm WARN deprecated urix@0.1.0: Please see 5:19:49 PM: npm WARN deprecated resolve-url@0.2.1: 5:19:50 PM: npm WARN deprecated left-pad@1.3.0: use String.prototype.padStart() 5:21:15 PM: > grpc@1.23.3 install /opt/build/repo/frontend/node_modules/grpc
    5:21:15 PM: > node-pre-gyp install --fallback-to-build --library=static_library
    5:21:15 PM: node-pre-gyp WARN Using request for node-pre-gyp https download
    5:21:16 PM: [grpc] Success: "/opt/build/repo/frontend/node_modules/grpc/src/node/extension_binary/node-v64-linux-x64-glibc/grpc_node.node" is installed via remote
    5:21:16 PM: > puppeteer@1.20.0 install /opt/build/repo/frontend/node_modules/puppeteer
    5:21:16 PM: > node install.js
    5:21:23 PM: Chromium downloaded to /opt/build/repo/frontend/node_modules/puppeteer/.local-chromium/linux-686378
    5:21:23 PM: > core-js@3.2.1 postinstall /opt/build/repo/frontend/node_modules/@firebase/polyfill/node_modules/core-js
    5:21:23 PM: > node scripts/postinstall || echo "ignore"
    5:21:23 PM: > core-js@2.6.11 postinstall /opt/build/repo/frontend/node_modules/core-js
    5:21:23 PM: > node -e "try{require('./postinstall')}catch(e){}"
    5:21:24 PM: > core-js-pure@3.6.5 postinstall /opt/build/repo/frontend/node_modules/core-js-pure
    5:21:24 PM: > node -e "try{require('./postinstall')}catch(e){}"
    5:21:24 PM: > core-js@3.6.5 postinstall /opt/build/repo/frontend/node_modules/plyr/node_modules/core-js
    5:21:24 PM: > node -e "try{require('./postinstall')}catch(e){}"
    5:21:24 PM: > protobufjs@6.9.0 postinstall /opt/build/repo/frontend/node_modules/protobufjs
    5:21:24 PM: > node scripts/postinstall
    5:21:24 PM: > core-js@3.6.5 postinstall /opt/build/repo/frontend/node_m
    Curt J. Sampson
    @SillyScribe95 You might get better help if you formulated a good question, rather than just dumping a large pile of logfile and hoping people will spend time and energy digging through it to figure out what your problem might be.
    i deleted my account but try to use again but I get this error : netlify deploy
    This folder isn't linked to a site yet
    ? What would you like to do? + Create & configure a new site
    TextHTTPError: Unauthorized
    2 replies
    Mireille Raad
    small question, are .ipynb files (jupyter notebooks) not allowed on netlify?

    after hugo runs in the logs, I see

    Failed to get JSON resource "": Failed to retrieve remote file: Unauthorized

    if i visit the url, it is there and loads as json file... I am wondering why is that error happening and I am a little flabbergasted.

    Harley Hicks
    Is it possible to build your own template? I want to build a site using Netlify CMS without a static site generator if possible.
    David Alecrim
    Hi guys, Iā€™m currently trying to find out if Netlify CMS will run ok regarding authentication if I apply it to a GitHub repo hosted on prem using GitHub enterprise.
    Does someone have any experience with this?
    Akshit Kr Nagpal
    Hi all.
    I am trying to configure my Netlify project like this. Every time I push code to the repo it gets automatically deployed and published on and when I trigger manually it get published on Can anyone give me some idea how to do this?
    Nate Sutton
    I pointed my domain from gandi to netlify's dns servers and it's been 24 hours and it's still not transferred. netlify says it's waiting for it to transfer and gandi says it transferred it
    anyone know who I should be contacting about this?
    Nate Sutton
    it resolved eventually once I had my domain typed correctly facepalm
    Hi. Does anybody know how to solve this Error? API_ERROR: Reference already exists at new

    adan_geno Hi every body,
    check out this new platform wirtten in Angluar