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Kevin Waterson
Why is the application not finding the BlogPresenter class in the app/BlogModule/presenters directory?
did I miss something?
@KevinWaterson try to set with router
for example
$router[] = $blog= new RouteList("Blog");

        $blog[] = new Route("blog/<presenter>[/<action>[/<id>]]",

Bernhard Baumrock
Hey everybody! I'm developing a shopping cart with nette forms for all steps of the checkout. It works great so far, but now it seems I have a problem: The forms are displayed nicely and I populate them via session variables so that a user can add another product while not losing already input data (address).
The problem is that I need to validate the data that is stored in the session against the setup of the form (required fields etc), while the form is actually not submitted!
Is this possible somehow? What would be the best approach? I've looked for a solution, but $form->isValid() does only work if the form has values set (is submitted)
I'm looking for something like $form->isValid($data)
@dg do you offer paid support?
seriously, why nette/database sucks so hard when it comes to twig and arrays, esp with sqlite?
Tomáš Malčánek
Hello, anyone up?
Petr Parolek
hello Nette people! I have a small question about Latte - how would I go about applying a custom filter to a string constant? If I do something like {'constant'|myFilter} it's not interpreted at all.
Hi Nette community, Thank you in advance for your help !!
I am currently using stand alone Nette Forms in one php script, I am submitting them to an another one where the $_POST data are worked on. I am not to sure if I am using it like that the Cross Site Scripting (XSS) and Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) protection is still working. Can I check that in the second script manually somehow ???
@austerus_gitlab try {='constant'|myFilter}
Marek Bartoš
ℹ️ If anyone here don't know - you can join slack channel of pehapkari.cz
ℹ️ There is much more active #nette room and also rooms for nette extension #contributte #nextras #kdyby
David Durika
hi, is there a guide how to migrate to v3 ?
hi can anybody help , using nette framework 2.3.10 getting this erro Nette\DI\CompilerExtension::setConfig() must be of the type array, string given
Alexandr Rešetňak
Hey. I need a hand. I have a form in nette app and i would like to send only a few inputs via ajax. Is there any possible way? I was searching solution on the internet but unsuccessfully
Gautam krishna R
Hi team, is $form->addProtection(); is the only call required to prevent the CSRF in nette forms?
How's it implemeted under the hood?
Nette\Database\DriverException #42703
SQLSTATE[42703]: Undefined column: 7 ОШИБКА: столбец ad.adsrc не существует
LINE 9: coalesce(co.contype = 'p' AND strpos(ad.adsrc, 'nextval'...
in Postgresql 12
@ivanscm in last version of postgres i think they removed that adsrc
@markosko and what to do?
vendor/nette/database/src/Database/Drivers/PgSqlDriver.php:139 replace from ad.adsrc to pg_get_expr(ad.adbin, ad.adrelid). Create pull request?
Sorry. Fix in #242 in database
Hi, is it possible to mark the result of a function call "safe to use" in a render context (HTML for example) in Latte? Without manual application of the noescape filter.
I implemented a function which returns a valid HTML code (script tags, for example), and i need use call result without any escaping.