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Repo info
    I have read Netty source, in line 454 of ByteToMessageDecoder. It check whether ByteBuf is read, if oldInputLength equals in.readableBytes(), then ByteBuf will be discarded.
    Maybe my question is stupid. Sorry to bother you.
    Hi, we are getting timeouts in our integration tests written with Spring WebTestClient that leverages Netty when going from Netty version 4.1.42 to 4.1.43 on an "old" version of WSL. It seems to be related to the netty-transport-native-epoll artifact because downgrading that to 4.1.42 solves the issue. Does this sound familiar to anyone ?
    Martin Furmanski
    When a leak has been detected is the underlying buffer returned to the system? If not, why not?
    Christopher Kane

    Hi 👋
    I have been trying, without success, to create a HTTP/2 client with prior knowledge.
    My current working client does an upgrade using the following channel handler.

    new HttpClientUpgradeHandler(
            new Http2ClientUpgradeCodec(http2ConnectionHandler),

    I have tried alot of things, but my initial attempt still seems like it should work. The handler I have tried using is:

    new Http2ConnectionHandlerBuilder()

    I can see an outbound settings from on both server and client, and thats where the communication ceases.
    The server is fine as I have used curl to verify it.
    If anyone has any information that would thoughts as to what might be wrong I am all ears. Thanks in advance.

    Omid Dehghan
    Is there any book about Netty other than "Netty in Action" ?
    Omid Dehghan
    Just to make it clear, any good resource will do.
    Enrico Olivelli
    hello !
    I am trying to use OCSP stapling with Boring SSL, it seems that it is not working (using a ssl client it does report that OSCPS info is not available).
    is there any to enable some kind of debug ?
    Enrico Olivelli
    enableOcsp (server side) seems to not have any effect
    both on Mac and on Linux
    Enrico Olivelli
    with a (Java) debugger I am able to check that SSLContext.enableOcsp(ctx, isClient()); is called in ReferenceCountedOpenSslContext (current Netty master), then we go into Native code
    I am using latest tcnative with boring ssl
    Enrico Olivelli
    Is there anyway to debug errors, while contacting the OCSP responder or errors in the configuration of the trust store ?
    Enrico Olivelli
    Hi Guys!
    I have one question How to setup one connection clinet in Netty framework?
    Daniel Anderson
    Easy! Uhm have you taken a look at the netty documentation? You have so many options, without knowing more about your needs it would be harder to point you further in a right direction as many codecs, exist.
    Henrique Borges
    Hi Guys! There is a MessageEvent alternative in Netty4?
    Is there anyone here like to join Taobao IM team, we are located in HangZhou.
    Yuvraj Agrawal

    I am Yuvraj Agrawal currently pursuing B.Tech in CS from Indian Institute of Technology. I am currently having a course in Computer Networks and am highly interested to learn more and contribute in this field.

    I am also looking forward to GSOC 2020 and wish to contribute to your organization. I am new to open source development and am currently going through the documentation of netty. Please, help me with some minor bugs or projects to learn your code efficiently.


    Dennis Campagna

    Hello everyone! I'm a student in Engineering of Computing Systems at Politecnico di Milano (Italy).
    I'm interested in the project "Add io_uring based transport", for this year GSoC. I used Java in university project and I'm currently ending my internship as an Embedded Software Engineer where I mostly code in C.

    On GitHub I don't see any "good-first-issue" or similar tags, and looks like someone is already working on all the "help-wanted" issues. Any advice on where to start? :)
    I'm currently going through the linked PDF and Netty docs, but then I'd like to start contributing.

    hello, i'm getting error io.netty.channel.unix.Errors$NativeIoException: readAddress(..) failed: Connection reset by peer...
    Ferdinand Jacobs
    Praveen Kumar
    Hello, my name is Praveen Kumar .
    I want to contribute to this organisation. Can anyone help me how can I do that
    Hi there, my name is Jim Xu, nice to join you guys :)
    Please share the source code of netty framework im with me. Thank you. I can cooperate with you in China
    @zzm6368217 you find it on github?
    Hi, I am Lay Patel. I am a junior(3rd year) majoring in computer Science with a minor in Security and Risk Analysis, and pursuing my bachelors's degree from The Pennsylvania State University. I am interested in working with with you as a part of GSoC. I have experience in network technology. In my networking class, I designed a network architecture for a society, in a team driven environment. I have experience in python, java , C and other object oriented programming languages. I am ready to learn any new technology skills. I am interested in "Implement native event loop telemetry " project. What are the further instructions for me?
    Lakindu Akash
    Hi, I'm a final year student of BSc(Hons) in Computer Science at the University of Colombo. I would like to participate in GSoC. I read the Idealist and I would like to get help to continue with it. I'm doing research on web service architecture performance with Ballerina language which is built with Netty also.
    I have some basic knowledge of netty and I have some good skills in coding.
    Thank you. :)
    Lakindu Akash
    I'm interested in Implement native event loop telemetry and Add io_uring based transport
    Hi, I want to log http request was closed by client(maybe client set timeout), how to set log config in appplication.yam?
    Shahnawaz Shaikh
    hello everyone I am shahnawaz a 2nd year student at HMRITM in Indrarastha University, I want to contribute for Implement event loop telemetry. help to get started
    Piyush Goyal
    Hi everyone
    I am Piyush Goyal a Btech Computer Science student currently studying in Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Mandi.
    I was going through the project list of Netty and wanted to work on Project 2 :"Regression testsuite"
    I m familiar with java/c/c++/jni and even python. I am familiar with the docker as well. I will write a proposal soon. But wanted to discuss more about the project with you first. Can you kindly summarise what the project is all about
    Francesco Nigro
    Hi, go and write a proposal on https://github.com/netty/netty/issues (see the others re GSoC there to understand how/why)
    Hi Guys
    I'm facing this weird exception netty/netty#10168
    any help on this?
    Dario Abdulrehman
    Is the "Netty in Action" book still relevant, or very outdated?
    @dabd It still valid
    Dario Abdulrehman
    @hepin1989 thanks, I started reading the docs, and may refer to the book.
    @dabd I translated the Chinese version, the book itself is pretty good.
    Dario Abdulrehman
    cool, how come after so many years the book is still relevant?
    @dabd Because netty is well designed . but it doesnot cover the http2
    Dario Abdulrehman
    yep, I read about its excellent package structure
    Hello everyone.i meet a problem today,when i run my app in local,it run good.But when it run in production,it throw a exception like "unexpected message type:PooledUnsafeDirectByteBuf" in customer. Can someone tell me what it is problem?Thanks.
    Jelmer Kuperus
    I am stuck with netty version 4.0.33.Final but i'd like to use netty-handler-proxy which does not seem to be available for this old version of netty, is a newer version compatible with this, or am i out of luck

    Maybe you can help me with one problem...
    My app accumulates a lot of io.netty.util.Recycler.DefaultHandle objects in the heap. And general RAM consumption never decrease until some stop the world GC pause.
    Can you guess am I doing something wrong?

    heap: https://paste.pics/149dfc12708ebfe917297c91e9f6f861
    ram consumption: https://paste.pics/1664079267b8160f5c82b69e35e5ee7c

    and actually the same goes to io.netty.buffer.PooledUnsafeDirectByteBuf.... I don't understand why do I have so many such objects. I always create them using PooledByteBufAllocator.DEFAULT.directBuffer() and always release them asap. The only thing that comes to my mind is that I create ByteBuf in one thread and after that pass it to another and only after that I pass it to the netty channel...