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    what does it mean "continuation". Could this be the issue?
    Andrey Mizurov
    @S0PEX Hi, please take a look at this example https://github.com/netty/netty/tree/4.1/example/src/main/java/io/netty/example/stomp/websocket (STOM + WebSocket chat), maybe you will find something useful.
    Hi I've a question. When to use ByteBuf.discardReadBytes()? Does this release the memory of the already read part of the underlying byte array?

    Hi. before netty 1.0.0, we used tcpServer::bootstrap to register a gauge for pending task queue of the eventloop

        factory.addServerCustomizers(httpServer -> httpServer.tcpConfiguration(
            tcpServer -> tcpServer.bootstrap(serverBootstrap -> {
                  serverBootstrap.config().childGroup().forEach(eventExecutor -> {
                    if (SingleThreadEventExecutor.class.isAssignableFrom(eventExecutor.getClass())) {
                      SingleThreadEventExecutor singleThreadEventExecutor = (SingleThreadEventExecutor) eventExecutor;
                      Gauge.builder(SERVER_PENDING_TASK_METRIC, singleThreadEventExecutor::pendingTasks)
                          .description("Pending Tasks")
                          .tag(SERVER_THREAD_NAME, singleThreadEventExecutor.threadProperties().name())
                          .tag(SERVER_THREAD_STATE, singleThreadEventExecutor.threadProperties().state().name())
                  return serverBootstrap;

    starting with netty 1.0.0, bootstrap is not available anymore. how can this be done now? thx for help

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    Andrey Mizurov

    Hi I've a question. When to use ByteBuf.discardReadBytes()? Does this release the memory of the already read part of the underlying byte array?

    It depends on implementation, e.g UnpooledHeapByteBuf has capacity 10, readerIndex set to 4 position and writerIndex to 8, so after discardReadBytes() all bytes between readerIndex and writeIndex will be copy to the beginning and readerIndex set to 0 and writerIndex to 4 position.

    Kang Breder
    Hello Everyone. My name is Kang Breder Mbulle. I am a student from the University of Buea studying for a M.Eng in Network Engineering and Security. I have saw this organisation on the GSoC page and found it interesting. I will like to contribute to this project as I look forward to GSoC 2021. I have some knowledge of Java and I willing to learn. Can someone please guide me on how to get started?
    Vaibhav Patil
    Hello Colleagous, how we can share common SimpleChannelInboundHandler for more then one client request , at last how we can map request -to-response? in netty
    Hello Everyone
    How Can we desactivate reissue on http 408 response with Netty reactor 0.9.13 ?
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    Hi all,
    Is it possible to accept non URLENCODED with NETTY (like TOMCAT's relaxed-query-chars parameter) ?
    Hi all,
    any tips on whether or not SslProvider.OPENSSL_REFCNT is production-ready?
    looking to reduce memory and CPU impact of JDK's impl on our service - memory profiling shows it allocating alot of byte[], among other things
    Hello! Is it possible to enable TCP SACK (Selective Acknowledgments) via Netty?
    Marco Zanghì
    Hi all, I am trying to resolve a specific problem with a reactor.netty.http.client.PrematureCloseException when I am using to call an endpoint from a webclient. This endpoint is behind a reverse proxy. Do you have any idea?
    Dineth Senevirathne
    Can someone tell the default log format of the reactor.netty.http.server.AccessLog ?
    2 replies

    :wave: Hi! I'm wondering if anyone knows of an http decoder that would allow me to detect HTTP/2 vs. HTTP/1.x so I can support both versions on the same port. I'd like to configure the channel pipeline after the protocol version has been detected. I've seen the netty example Http2OrHttpHandler but my understanding is that only works if you're using SSL, which I'm not.

    If such a decoder doesn't exist would it be possible to write one? I'm imagining something like the PrefaceDecoder in Http2ConnectionHandler that triggers an event after reading the preface instead of throwing an error.

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    Liu Xinyu
    Hi all, I get two handler listen two ports separately,can anyone teaching me how to do that?
    Kirill Marchuk
    Hi all. Is there a netty-based FTP client implementation? Couldn't find one yet... :(

    Hi! I'm wondering how to make the client of proxy server keep alive. (Thus, I don't want the proxy client to make a tcp close handshake everytime.)
    I saw the proxy example in netty
    Adding the keepAlive option to this example doesn't seem to work properly. Because it makes a client and connect everytime the server get request and close the client when the response is arrived.

    Is there anyone who know how to make the proxy client keepAlive? Is there any reference/example for it?

    @62mkv u could get my code from https://github.com/catiga/jc , a netty server & client base micro-app server model
    any problem can contact by mail
    Valery Lavrentiev
    Hello guys, I'm trying to run netflix zuul 2 and getting warnings like - "Unknown channel option 'SO_KEEPALIVE' for channel "when starting up. Trying to figure out why its the case. I see that its coming from AbstractBootstrap (setChannelOption) function. Zuul passes it on server startup, but netty (4.1.63) seems to ignore it. Why netty might not pick this option up?
    1 reply
    Djem Mustafa
    Hello guys, I want to monitor the direct memory used by Netty in my application. In the documentation here I saw the usedDirectMemory() method which I think can be useful for my purpose. Can you give me more detail about how can I implement this method and use it in an appropriate way? Thanks in advance :)
    Chris Vest
    @JamesMustafa the PooledByteBufAllocator implements that method through the metric() method. So just call those.

    Getting the below error couple of times while uploading same multipart file.
    Caused by: java.io.IOException: Out of size: 990 > 989 at io.netty.handler.codec.http.multipart.AbstractMemoryHttpData.addContent(AbstractMemoryHttpData.java:104)
    io.netty.handler.codec.http.multipart.HttpPostRequestDecoder$ErrorDataDecoderException: java.io.IOException: Out of size: 990 > 989

    Any guidance will be very much appreciated.

    1 reply
    Chris Vest
    You might want to use Wireshark or a LoggingHandler to see if the client is accidentally sending an extra byte. If the client is sending correct amounts of data then it might be a Netty bug, and you can use the captured data when opening an issue.
    2 replies