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    Benjamin Clos
    @battuashwik you cannot create a read only connection, but you can create a read only user via User permissions: https://rethinkdb.com/docs/permissions-and-accounts/
    and only establish the connection with a read only user, you can still attempt writes/deletes, but they will fail with the permissions check
    Ahh Great. Thanks a lot
    Benjamin Clos
    Zachary Rote
    Is it possible to build a change feed for documents where a field value is in a set of possible field values?
    Zachary Rote
    r.table("users").filter{ |doc| r.expr(["Peter", "John"]) .contains(doc["name"]) } How would this be represented in Thinky and a feed be generated?
    Zachary Rote
    Figured it out.
    ServiceDescriptor.filter((service) => { return thinky.r.expr(serviceTypes).contains(service("type")); }).changes()
    Hello everyone. Is this the place to cry for help ?

    We've just get our hands on thinky and we can't understand some error with bluebird : Unhandled rejection TypeError: net.isIPv6 is not a function

    We're using thinky with react if that's of any help, and the rethinkDB SGBD is running inside a docker.

    Do anyone know what's happening ?

    Wrong version of node?
    Massimo Caroccia
    Hi all...anyone is online?
    Jimmy Jones
    Jimmy Jones
    hey guys, I have the following code
    function populateOrganizations() {
      dbOrganizations.organization.forEach(result => {
        const organization = new Organization(result);
    once the last for each has been save to the db, i'd like to return a promise so I can chain this function with other promise returning functions
    any ideas on how to accomplish that?
    Kevin O'Neill
    @jimjones26 I know it’s a late answer, but … I would generally map the call to save, resulting in an array of promises then return promise.all on the map results. e.g.: (written inline so …)
    function populateOrganizations() {
      const operations = dbOrganizations.organization.map(result => {
        const organization = new Organization(result);
        return organization.save();
      return Promise.all(operations);
    Justin Sharp
    Did the thinky.io site just recently go down? Or has it been like that for a while?
    I think the site just went down
    Justin Sharp
    Anyone know what is happening with the site? I could really use the docs...
    Justin Sharp
    If anyone needs it
    Juliusz Fedyk
    Hey guys, do you know if there's a way to retrieve the schema from the model?
    @juliuszfedyk It would be great if this was built in. As far as I know this is the only option: https://www.npmjs.com/package/thinky-export-schema
    Justin Sharp
    Does Model.docOn('saving') give you a callback to perform async validation/sanitization?
    Or should I be using .pre('save')? My worry with .pre('save') was that I thought it did not work with updates
    hey all. how do you guys go about doing a unique id? is there a way to get say.. a count of records in table right in the default by a function?
    Justin Sharp
    Can anybody help me with batch saving .save([])?
    In the docs it says:
    "If one error is produced by the server, the promise will be rejected."
    But I noticed it also gets rejected if any .pre('save') hook throws an error into the callback.
    Is there a way to not reject on the first error? And have it return an errors: [] array for each doc that failed and save the rest?
    Jignesh Parmar
    I'm newer to use noSQL.
    Can anyone share whether Thinky is accessible with DynamoDB as well? Or Any ORM recommendation for DynamoDB?
    Hey all, would anyone happen to know if the library has any typescript support?
    Hello "thinky": "^2.3.9", regarding schema ... adresses:[type.object().schema({
    adress: type.string(),
    position: r.point(),
    name: type.string(),
    index: type.number()
    throw new Errors.ValidationError("The value must be String/Number/Boolean/Date/Buffer/Object/Array/'virtual'/'Point' for "+prefix);
    ValidationError: The value must be String/Number/Boolean/Date/Buffer/Object/Array/'virtual'/'Point' for [adresses][0][position]
    at parse (/home/geo/PROJECTS/SERVER-AEP/stage.1-TS-Driverlist/node_modules/thinky/lib/schema.js:284:11)
    So, I kindly ask for advice regarding poistiont: r. point() - how it need to be without errors. Thank U
    Jacob Bogers
    hello folks
    Doru Popescu
    i have a short question
    i`m getting the cannot redefine a model error
    how can i fix that ?
    how to correctly init a model when trying to make queries on it ?
    Doru Popescu
    where can i find this ?
    Seems like thinky is also dieing slowly.... RethinkDB also doesn't seem to get traction.... it's sad....
    Martin Page
    Hey all, Yes RethinkDB and Thinky are dying, I LOVE thinky and rethink but have moved to mongodb + mongoose, not gonna lie, wish I had switched earlier.
    I am sad that this is the case but people only support projects they use, its ok for projects to die