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May 2016
May 19 2016 06:32

Hi @/all,

I am currently working on the next major version of the underlying template that will get used for the next major version of the generator. You may have a look at the current version here: It will feature webpack 2 and eslint airbnb rules, as well as unit testing using enzyme.

I also tried to remove karma from the setup, using mocha only, but in the end went with the current karma-based version again. You have to make too many compromises when using mocha only (stuff as aliases that cannot be resolved, even with plugins that are build for this stuff etc).

If you mind, please have a look at it and tell me what you think. In the end, I also want to include the following features:

  • PostCSS basic support
  • CSS Modules (maybe in form of JSS?)

It is planned to be released when all bugs are ironed out (there are a few, mostly unit test based stuff) and webpack-2 reaches final (debateable, as it is stable with 2.x beta, too).

When the template is ready, I will have a look at possible additions to the generator in a new major version.