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Jun 2016
Stephan Herzog
Jun 23 2016 18:01
hi @weblogixx, I hope it's okay to ask you here. A few days ago I tried to npm install generator-react-webpack@beta. In the Github tree I see that there is a utils directory, which by installing @beta wasn't downloaded (at least back then), so the require in app/index.js throws an exception. I'll try that again now but thought to let you know. Maybe it makes sense.
Stephan Herzog
Jun 23 2016 18:12

the package.json has

  "files": [

should utils be in there?

Stephan Herzog
Jun 23 2016 18:28
:) sry, just forget the last comment concerning the files entry, that was stupid.
Jun 23 2016 19:21
Hey @sthzg, i am currently out of office, but will have a look at this on monday. I did not have any problems installing it, but there may be a problem here. Thank you for reporting it :-)
Stephan Herzog
Jun 23 2016 19:34
@weblogixx sure, enjoy your days off. I'll check a third time and file an issue on Github. to start testing the new generator I just checked out the repo and updated node to the latest stable. installation went fine and I am looking forward working with it.