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Dec 2014
Paolo Di Tommaso
Dec 17 2014 00:22
@heuermh Hi, have a look to the "cross" and "spread" operators
@heuermh if they do not fit your use case a contribution is more than welcome
Andrew Stewart
Dec 17 2014 22:00
if I have a "input: file 'input.fastq.gz' from sequences"... can I make it use the actual file name of each file in the channel by changing 'input.fastq.gz' to a variable name?
and then just reference it as , say, 'fastqc $fastqfile' ?
Andrew Stewart
Dec 17 2014 22:30
I totally can :)
Andrew Stewart
Dec 17 2014 23:57
another question: my pipeline completely finishes, but then freezes before closing (so the process hangs)
any suggestions where to look first?
m wondering if maybe the subscribeer