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Jan 2015
Sabarish Subramanian
Jan 31 2015 03:52
@pditommaso I read your blog.The problem is sysadmin is not heard of docker.We face the following 2 isssues:
We don't have dedicated nodes in the HPC.Hence we would like to know whether installing docker into the cluster node OS image (at which point docker would be on all cluster nodes) would cause any performance issues to the HPC.
PBS is the Queue scheduler in HPC.We would like to know about the procedures to be followed to modify PBS in order to schedule Docker jobs.
We have a docker image.We just wanna install docker on a cluster
I'm familiar with normal docker procedures.But I'm unaware of the docker installation in a cluster
Can anyone please help me out
@andrewcstewart Yes please.I'm glad to hear from is my email id.Kindly send me any cookbook or share your experience
Paolo Di Tommaso
Jan 31 2015 11:10
@sabarish14 I'm currently on travel, I can try to help you next week. Anyway, could you post this question in the Nextflow google group?!forum/nextflow
Sabarish Subramanian
Jan 31 2015 21:07
@pditommaso I have posted in the google groups.Happy Journey :smile: Looking forward to you on next week