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Feb 2015
Rion Dooley
Feb 24 2015 03:19
@pditommaso Hi Paolo, Thanks for the great work. We've been prototyping some Docker workflows with Nextflow and really like it. I'd like to integrate it with our http://agaveapi/ platform as an executor to our REST APIs and potentially as an engine behind workflow support we're prototyping now. Where can I go to read up about these areas and is there anyone on the project who would be be interested in collaborating? It could be formal through,, or, or just a pilot side project. I'm open to anything.
Paolo Di Tommaso
Feb 24 2015 13:00
@deardooley Hi there, I'm happy that you appreciate the work we did with Nextflow.
What you are proposing is really interesting. Unfortunately there's no low-level technical documentation, we are a small team and we preferred to invest more time in user documentation.
Paolo Di Tommaso
Feb 24 2015 13:06
However if you or someone in your team is fluent with Java or groovy shouldn't be too hard to implement a Nextflow executor that integrates Agave REST API
The code in which you should dig a bit reside in the executor package
Paolo Di Tommaso
Feb 24 2015 13:12
I would suggest to form the project and starting a pilot project. I can advice you how on Nextflow internals and eventually how modify critical components.
We can discuss about a more formal collaboration at a later stage.