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Jul 2015
Simon Ye
Jul 02 2015 21:54
Is channel operator into not parallel? I have a channel that is into three channels, each which serve as input to a different process.
Only one of the processes is running.
Also is there a cleaner way for multiple processes to share input channel without using a file? Creating a separate named input channel for each process feel clunky.
Paolo Di Tommaso
Jul 02 2015 21:58
yes, channels resulting by an into should work in parallel
many processes can shared/read the same value as long is immutable (you won't need a channel)
if it's not immutable you will need a channel to feed it into the process, but channels cannot be shared.
Paolo Di Tommaso
Jul 02 2015 22:04
this likely will be improved in a future release
however, did you notice that you can use
channel.into { target_1; target_2 }
Paolo Di Tommaso
Jul 02 2015 22:09
instead of
target_1 = Channel.create()
target_2 = Channel.create()
channel.into(target_1, target_2)