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Nov 2015
Paolo Di Tommaso
Nov 06 2015 17:02
@heuermh I've uploaded a patch
however testing your script it works fine also with the current version
if you want to test the snapshot run nextflow with this command: NXF_VER=0.16.1-SNAPSHOT nextflow run <etc>
Sean Davis
Nov 06 2015 23:19
Quick, naive question: Is nextflow designed to redo computation only if necessary? That is, if I write a nextflow workflow and run it successfully and then run it again immediately, are all of the steps recalculated, or only the aspects of the workflow where dependencies have changed?
Paolo Di Tommaso
Nov 06 2015 23:25
@seandavi yes, but you need to specify that using the -resume command line option
thus, if you run a workflow successfully and then you run it again adding the -resume option it won't execute any task (or only the ones that have been modified)
much easier to try than to explain, just run
nextflow run hello
and then try
nextflow run hello -resume