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Jul 2016
Paolo Di Tommaso
Jul 04 2016 16:49
Just uploaded a new snapshot fixing the issues reported on the activity bar. You may want to test it adding the variable NXF_VER=0.20.2-SNAPSHOT in your environment
Paolo Di Tommaso
Jul 04 2016 17:01
@mes5k Hi Mike, about the following
I've got a pipeline reliably producing the underflow exception and I know how to make the exception go away, but I don't understand the root cause of the exception.
What was going the exception? that could help me to understand the root of the problem
Mike Smoot
Jul 04 2016 19:42
@pditommaso hi Paolo that comment was in reference to the underflow exception which we debugged last Friday. Somehow my pipeline ended up with an empty .command.val which triggered the exception. I'm sure the empty file was a result of me experimenting in my pipeline. I pasted in a diff on Friday of a reasonable fix that would avoid the confusing exception. Not sure if it's what you want.
That all said I'm now on vacation and away from my computer for a couple of weeks. Any replies will be slow in coming and typed on my phone!
Paolo Di Tommaso
Jul 04 2016 20:09
OK thanks and enjoy your holidays!