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Dec 2016
Brian Naughton
Dec 25 2016 14:37
Thanks for your help earlier @pditommaso. I made a (basic) helper script for other confused souls here: [] It creates a VPC for me on AWS with the appropriate settings (DNS, security groups, etc) and lets me tear it down when I am finished. I am excited about the goal of being able to nextflow cloud onto AWS, GCP, etc. without changing anything in the .nf, and maybe even without understanding VPCs, subnets, etc. Congrats on the progress so far and merry christmas!
Paolo Di Tommaso
Dec 25 2016 15:39
Hi Brian. Yes, the VPC configuration can be tricky. Thanks for contributing your script.
The next one should be GCP. Though the Java client it's not mature as the AWS one, I'm working on that.
and merry christmas as well! :santa: :santa: 🎄🎄