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Jun 2017
Paolo Di Tommaso
Jun 27 2017 07:56 UTC
@mikheyev Sorry I saw only now your question
However, is there any way to gracefully recover from such an error and ideally relaunch the job?
yes, you can set errorStrategy = 'retry' to re-submit a failed job
Paolo Di Tommaso
Jun 27 2017 08:15 UTC
@ewels I've uploaded 0.25.1-SNAPSHOT that should solve the docker mount problem, you may want to give a try
Phil Ewels
Jun 27 2017 09:16 UTC
ok great! Commit here: ewels/NGI-MethylSeq@c1136c8
Two jobs here - I specified the snapshot for one (the one that passed) but not the other (the one that failed again)
Paolo Di Tommaso
Jun 27 2017 10:27 UTC
nice, thanks!