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Aug 2017
Rickard Hammarén
Aug 24 2017 07:50
@pditommaso the docs is currently down.
Simone Baffelli
Aug 24 2017 08:42

Try the following, put a .map{ file (it) } before the collect

Does this allow me to programmatically stage files whose paths are constructed using channels?

@Hammarn Maybe @pditommaso is preparing a gift :gift: for us: A new release
Aug 24 2017 08:57
@Hammarn seems to work now ...
Rickard Hammarén
Aug 24 2017 08:57
@edgano Great! :confetti_ball:
Paolo Di Tommaso
Aug 24 2017 10:13
@lucacozzuto the collect operator does not alter the file name, use file '*' from .. in the input declaration to keep the original names