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Jan 2018
Mike Smoot
Jan 27 2018 15:58
Hi @pditommaso I just wanted to share a weird hiccup I ran into on a pipeline I'm running. At one point in the pipeline I have a groupTuple operator with a sort comparator. It turns out that when you've got 3.2 million entries in the channel it takes about 20 hours to group and sort things. While groupTuple was doing it's thing the pipeline appeared to just be sitting there and it was only because I was busy with other things did I not take the time to kill and restart the pipeline (assuming there was a problem). So, while there don't appear to be any bugs, 20 hours seems like a long time for groupTuple. Is it worth digging into this a bit more?
Paolo Di Tommaso
Jan 27 2018 16:01
it deserves to be investigated, please open an issue for that