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Feb 2018
Paolo Di Tommaso
Feb 17 2018 09:01
@srynobio I guess the problem is that you did't specify any path other the bucket name
also (unrelated) I would suggest to upgrade to the latest NF version
Shawn Rynearson
Feb 17 2018 18:22
@pditommaso in the interest of space I created this to allow me to better explain the issue I'm having.
Shawn Rynearson
Feb 17 2018 18:41
@pditommaso after re-reading you above comment, I created a subdirectory in my bucket, and I worked. Sorry for my noobness here, I clearly missed this simple need.
Feb 17 2018 21:19
hey everyone! You probably see my comments on the right, but in case anyone has wisdom for the basic execution, please see the issue here! nextflow-io/nextflow#613 I am probably doing too many layers of containers and it's getting messy, but generally what I'd like to do is run nextflow (either inside the same container with the applications, or a separate container with just nextflow running the container with the applications) and have it use the images that are local (as opposed to a Github repository that it seems to be trying to use)