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Aug 2018
Paolo Di Tommaso
Aug 11 2018 07:14
I gave a quick look, but I've stopped when I've noticed it doesn't provided the proper storage support
also it seems it's not going to support spot instances in the short run, I guess they don't want to overlap it with AWS Batch
Phil Ewels
Aug 11 2018 12:02
@hydriniumh2 - we spent quite a bit of time this week at a hackathon for the nf-core project (see where we started working on a system to homogenise multiple pipelines and then automate the process of keeping them in sync with updates
It’s not what you were asking about, but it could potentially be relevant?
Feel free to ping us in the nf-core Gitter channel if you’d like to know more
Mike Smoot
Aug 11 2018 15:50
It looks like there's a provisioner for efs. I'm going to spend some time next week seeing if that'll work. As for spot pricing, it looks like EKS uses a normal autoscaling group to start new instances, so I would have guessed that you could use the normal spot instance mechanisms, but it's nothing I've tried.
I think I'd be pretty happy sticking with AWS Batch, but for the lack of an easy way of mounting efs... :)
Paolo Di Tommaso
Aug 11 2018 16:15
I know :wink: