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Oct 2018
Oliver Schwengers
Oct 14 2018 10:23
@pditommaso : just want to let you know that your patch works perfectly. everything ran like a charm. thanks a lot for the quick response!
Toni Hermoso Pulido
Oct 14 2018 10:35
Hello, I'm try to run a last process after every other process has already completed, I'm using workflow.onComplete, but process blocks seem to be ignored

workflow.onComplete {

process 'generateResultFiles'{
file config from config4perl

""" -conf $config


Oct 14 2018 19:13

So, the solution in my case was to comment registerDoMC() entirely

#if(cores.number == 0){
#    registerDoMC()
#} else {
#    registerDoMC(4)

But does that mean that NextFlow is not compatible with multi-core implementation in R or Python?
The reason for my question is that I also got stuck today with the python package Nucleoatac with similar exit error (140) which was resolved by disabling the --cores option!

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