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Nov 2018
Riccardo Giannico
Nov 07 2018 13:51
Hi guys, Is there any way for a process to output a folder into a channel ? Or 'val' and 'file' are the only objects available ? I need it beacause I want it to be copied into the publishDir folder
Maxime Garcia
Nov 07 2018 14:01
Isn't 'file' both file and folder?
From my understanding, it's just a path
So should be both
Riccardo Giannico
Nov 07 2018 14:04
@MaxUlysse uh! you are right! thank you! :D
Anthony Underwood
Nov 07 2018 14:59
@MaxUlysse Thanks for spotting them. I've pulled in and made one minor edit
Maxime Garcia
Nov 07 2018 15:59
thanks a lot for the blog post @aunderwo it was a great help
I was just missing a detaild help on how to make a custom AMI, the help was definitively all there, but not detailed enough for me, so I made yet another blog post:
Alexander Peltzer
Nov 07 2018 16:37
Nice :-)
Will need that too soon :-)