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Nov 2018
Krittin Phornsiricharoenphant
Nov 18 2018 05:38 UTC

Hi folks, I want to directly dump json from file as stdout of command when my custom flag paramsSchema is on. how can i skipped nextflow banner & launching that was printed before. how can i purely dump as json over stdout.

nextflow run --params-schema

N E X T F L O W  ~  version 18.10.1
Launching `` [adoring_sinoussi] - revision: d64e35cad3
  "title": "test-nf",
  "description": "Simulated workload workflow",
  "type": "object”,
Krittin Phornsiricharoenphant
Nov 18 2018 09:10 UTC
@pditommaso nextflow work really well with minio, and i just know that it’s not only implicitly downloading but also uploading according to publishDir like a charm!
nextflow run sinonkt/test-nf \
  -latest \
  -with-dag \
  --publishDir $BUCKET_DIR/publish \
  --filesGlob “${BUCKET_DIR}/tests/*.txt" \
  --filePath ${BUCKET_DIR}/tests/data2.txt
Rad Suchecki
Nov 18 2018 23:27 UTC
nextflow run --params-schema | tail -n+3