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Feb 2019
Stephen Kelly
Feb 23 00:48
do not put processes inside the onComplete
it sounds like you really want the http weblog, and have a server that catches the task messages, and potentially stores them in a database, so that you can eventually have another program read it to know what has finished.
or you can simply wrap the entire execution of the pipeline in a script that creates a file upon successful pipeline completion to signal that its done successfully

I believe that would be something like

nextflow run && touch .completion.success || touch .completion.failed

something like that

Laurence E. Bernstein
Feb 23 01:54
@stevekm Well in actual production what we really want is to be able to mark a field in our DB with the result, much like you said, but for testing I was going to try to achieve the same thing through a simple file (because the DB is unavailable currently on the test server).
The example shows that I could send an email (which is also the kind of thing we do in production to alert IT to problems), but I thought it would be nice and clean to have it create some file in lieu of the DB solution for now.
Oh yes.. I did see the information in the docs about the http weblog and I may be looking into that as well thanks.
Anthony Underwood
Feb 23 23:44
Just FYI (and you may have read already) there is a workflow.onError Handler that could be invoked to touch a .completion.failed file. See